About Me !

Lee Jia Qi

I used to be an avid food blogger (hence the domain, jiaaqieats.com, which was given to me as my 19th birthday present from my lovely friends) but I realize it wasn't sustainable for my waistline nor wallet to do this consistently.

This hence, will be my personal space to pen my thoughts about anything I feel like writing.

I'm not a super great writer but I do enjoy writing! Writing is so therapeutic cause I get to pump all my feelings and emotions into words.

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Wei Jun Khor said...

Hi Jia Qi, I love your blog! I read it everyday if possible! :) Love your writing skills and especially when you include a part of what you and Guan Ren does because it makes me so happy to see such a sweet couple together apart from the delicious food you post. :) The recommendations of the food on your blog are great- even tho I don't drink coffee hehe. Keep it up and I'm here as your blog's loyal fan hehe. :D :D

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