About Me !

Lee Jia Qi

I used to be an avid food blogger (hence the domain, jiaaqieats.com, which was given to me as my 19th birthday present from my lovely friends) but I realize it wasn't sustainable for my waistline nor wallet to do this consistently.

This hence, will be my personal space to pen my thoughts about anything I feel like writing.

I wish if I could park this blog under a certain category but nope...nowadays I seem to be churning out posts about my travelling experiences, my occasional bar hops, some guest house here and there and of course my recounts at school. Perhaps the right category is "Jia Qi"

I'm not a super great writer but I do enjoy writing! Writing is so therapeutic cause I get to pump all my feelings and emotions into words.


  1. Hi Jia Qi, I love your blog! I read it everyday if possible! :) Love your writing skills and especially when you include a part of what you and Guan Ren does because it makes me so happy to see such a sweet couple together apart from the delicious food you post. :) The recommendations of the food on your blog are great- even tho I don't drink coffee hehe. Keep it up and I'm here as your blog's loyal fan hehe. :D :D

  2. Hai, lazy to read normally unless something tats i am interested into or looking 4 info but some how accidentally got stuck in yr blog, mind u, such a looong story about teaching but i just finished reading
    Great writing skill, salute u, teacher


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