About Me !

Lee Jia Qi

I used to be an avid food blogger (hence the domain, jiaaqieats.com, which was given to me as my 19th birthday present from my lovely friends) but I realize it wasn't sustainable for my waistline nor wallet to do this consistently.

This hence, will be my personal space to pen my thoughts about traveling and my Teach For Malaysia (TFM) journey, and maybe some occasional food post or random topics.

I'm not a super great writer but I do enjoy writing! Other than my own blog, and essays I was forced to write during my high school years, I wrote as a guest blogger during my university days at Heriot-Watt University, during my final year as a transfer student to the Edinburgh campus. Read about my posts, Life in The UK & Getting Settled in Heriot-Watt Edinburgh if you're interested :)

Thanks for dropping by :)

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