Monday, 15 February 2021

My 21 for 2021 List

A couple of weeks back, I listened to Gretchen Rubin's Happier podcast, and she talked to her sister about their 21 for 2021 list

(Gretchen Rubin is the author of the book, The Happiness Project, where she challenged herself to monthly challenges in pursuit of happiness. You may read my review about it here!)

The 21 for 2021 is basically a list of things you want to do/achieve for the year 2021. Of course, it doesn't necessarily have to be 21. You can customise it however you want! It can be something fun, or about a goal you want to achieve. You can read more about it here :D 

I really liked the idea of having a list of things you want to do/achieve for the year. Yes, I have my goals for the year, but there are things I want to do/achieve that is...not so related to my goals, and are things that are purely just for fun! Also with the lockdown, it's helpful for me to have a list of things that I want to do to keep me on track, especially on days when I feel like a complete, meh. 

I thought writing this will be a breeze but it actually took me a full month to write this! I've been googling around for inspirations, and I'm pretty sure as time passes I might be adding on more to it. Some of the items on my list are linked directly to my goals for 2021, while some are purely for fun :D 


1. Save about 50% of my gross income 

Directly linked to my monthly goal of saving about 40-50% of my income per month. Hoping that it'll add up to 50% by the end of the year :D 

2. Start a side business / Have a side income stream

Again, directly linked to my 2021 goals :D Check out my Carousell page people ;) 


1. Run 120km cumulatively 

So far in January, I've run 10km. I track the total distance using Google Map tracking services. Not going to set anything too ambitious, especially because my knees have been, since my Kinabalu hike back in 2019. 


1. Cook different cuisine from at least 12 different countries!

Since we can't travel much this year, I figure that perhaps I can go on a culinary adventure through my own home kitchen. It's always interesting to learn about one's culture/country through their food.

So far, I've tried cooking Shaang Xi cuisine (China), Greek Gyros (Greece),  Shoyu Ramen (Japan), Dak-Galbi (Korea) and Beef Goulash (Hungary).

Would love to try making some Brazilian dessert and some Pao de Quejo, Sweedish desserts like the Toscakaka, Morrocan food like Tagine, more Japanese food like Udon, and also Indian food!

2. Revamp my little garden space 

I haven't been doing much with my little garden space, and I'm thinking of re-engineering it by having a few arranged hanging baskets with some pothos and purple hearts...and perhaps having a few more succulent gardens :) 

3. Start an edible garden

I have a lot of plants but they're mostly the low-maintenance ornamental plants. Why not start planting edibles and I can cook a garden-to-table meal? :D 

I've always been reluctant to start an edible garden because they're far more high maintenance. I've killed quite a few herb plants and hence my confidence is kinda low for starting an edible garden, but let's start small and easy. I'm thinking of planting okra/water spinach (aka kangkung) first since these are the somewhat "easier" and "lower maintenance" plant.  

4. Document my cooking/baking journeys through vlogs/video recording 

I've been cooking/baking a lot and why not take a step further in documenting? I tried making videos of it previously but stopped after the tripod I had....broke into pieces. I realised that video editing can be quite fun/therapeutic too! 

5. Blog more about cooking/baking/gardening!

Somehow I don't write about my cooking/baking/gardening adventure as much as my hiking adventures. Would like to write more about them :) Hoping to see at least one of each post by the end of 2021!

6. Hike somewhere I've never been before! 

Places I want to try out: Bukit Cherakah at Puncak Alam, several hills in Negeri Sembilan and Perak. Though this will largely depend on the state of the pandemic. 

7. Master the art of sourdough

i.e. by the end of the year 2021, I want to be able to confidently say that I can bake a beautiful loaf of sourdough bread :) 

8. Participate in hobby groups

ie Sourdough/Gardening group. I've joined these group on Facebook to learn more from others, but I've so far just been a rather silent member. Commenting on posts here and there very occasionally when I feel that I can contribute. I want to do more of it and share my knowledge as well as learn from others :) 

Personal Growth

1. Complete at least six online courses

So far I've completed two - The Science of Happiness & Learning How to Learn. I'm currently undertaking How to Manage a Remote Team by GitHub and Psychological First Aid by John Hopkins University. 

Note: I'm aiming for the shorter courses and not the full-blown digital degree courses! 

2. Read 12 Non-Fiction

I have an inclination to read fiction only. Fiction books to me are so much easier to follow and digest. I'd like to challenge myself to read at least 12 non-fiction books this year. 

So far my non-fiction book count for the :D 

3. Start bullet journaling and be consistent with it 

Surprise, surprise, I've just started bullet journaling. My, the pandemic has been pushing me to try out things I've never imagined that I'd do. 

I was overwhelmed with the...never-ending ways to start a bullet journal. I'll just try out some of the spread I feel would benefit me and add/remove/modify as time passes 

4. Update my LinkedIn Profile 

I'm a...'I'll update my LinkedIn profile when it's time' type of person. I know I should do it more often. But somehow...I'm still struggling with this - deciding what is worthy of sharing/updating on LinkedIn. This is definitely something that I should put more thoughts into this year. I probably need to set a concrete goal on this. My first step is probably to update my achievement on my online learning course! 


1. Re-organise my room/Have a room makeover 

Since I'm spending so much time in it, especially now during the lockdown. My room could need a face-lift! 

2. Go on a vacation somewhere secluded

Subject to the pandemic. Hoping to stay at one of the eco-resort in Penang Island or Cameron Highland when things cool down and it's safer to travel again. 

3. Be more consistent with 16 hours fast

This is something I do...on and off. Sometimes I complete the full fast, and sometimes I just feel...meh. I'll be honest I'm actually on the fence on whether or not to include this on my 21 for 2021 list. But since I've decided to put it on, now let's get down to business. 

4. Organise a live cook/bake-along!

Always want to try this out with friends :D 

5. Join a clothes swap

This is challenging because of the pandemic. I joined my first (& only) clothes swap early last year before the pandemic hit us. I loved it! Hoping to join more, if situation allows. 

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