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Social Media Accounts I Love (& have learnt a lot from!)

Social Media to me is a double-edged sword. While it helps me keep in touch with our friends and family, especially now during this pandemic where face-to-face interaction is not encouraged, it is easy to make unhealthy comparisons about yourself with others, get absorbed in "doomscrolling" and not realising I'm letting time slip away through social media.

I do try to limit my time spent on social media, and try to make it as meaningful as possible. I've discovered many social media accounts which are insightful, which have led to me gaining new perspectives and knowledge. 

And hence, I've decided to compile a few of my favourite social media accounts which have helped me gain new insights and knowledge, and I hope that it'd benefit you as well :)

Personal Finance 

1. Suyin Ong (Youtube Channel)

Why I love this channel:

I love her videos as they are relatable, easy to digest and informative. As Suyin is a Malaysian Youtuber, her videos fit into the Malaysian context which makes it very applicable to me :) For example, her video about money advice which is no longer applicable to us, and I really like this video about how girls (& also guys) have to be good with money.

Besides personal finances, Suyin also publishes vlog where she shares about some of her personal reflection/struggles etc, which I have to echo, is not often talk about and it is definitely very refreshing to hear someone talk about it on social media :) 

One of her recent videos that really inspired was the one where she talks about how she started a business out of curiosity 

And oh, her videos are often bite-sized :D 

2. The Financial Diet (Youtube Channel & Instagram)

*PS: topics covered by this channel is actually quite broad, ranging from personal finances, personal growth and wellness etc. But they mainly pivot on personal finance (which is evident too from their channel's name)

Why I love this channel:

The content shared is very relevant to the young generation. I like how the content also takes references from the latest pop culture (eg: this video about life & money lesson from Emily in Paris).

I discovered about the sinking fund system through this channel. If you've read my previous posts, you'd know that I'm a hugeeee sinking fund advocate :P 

I've also gotten a lot of inspiration to improve myself from this channel (eg: a this video about distraction journal, and this video about quirky frugal habit the writer is not ashamed aboutboosted my confidence in sticking to my budget when I'm hanging out with my peers, as I often feel pressured to just hide this frugal side of me and "go with the flow", even if it means blowing my budget when I hand out with my peers. 

3. Ringgit Oh Ringgit (Blog)

Why I love this blog:

Similar to Suyin - personal finance made simple & localised content. Besides sharing about personal finances related topics, Suraya, the writer, publishes this "Weekly Links Roundups" which usually features really insightful articles/news. 

I also enjoy her blog posts where she breaks down costs of something (eg: her wedding), and her monthly expenses report. It is an eye-opener to me, especially because talking about money is somewhat a taboo in our culture. I do feel that we should really talk more about finance though - there's so much we can learn from one another when we're open to talking about budgeting and finances. 


1. Sean Tan (Youtube Channel)

Why I love this channel: 

I just discovered this channel like last week, and I've been binge-watching his videos non-stop lol! 

His videos are not only informative but extremely addictive and fun to watch! He does very comprehensive and informative on-site property reviews/virtual tour. He ends every property review with a "Sean Take 3 on 3", where he talks about the three things he likes about the property, and 3 things he doesn't like about the property, and he's honest about the pros and cons of each property he reviews.

I also enjoy his "Ask Me Anything" video series where he answers questions from his subscribers, mostly property-related. His video dissecting about the Sales & Purchase Agreeemtn (SPA) is by far one of the most informative content about SPA I've ever came across 

Personal Style

1. Audrey Coyne (Youtube Channel)

Why I love her:

Audrey focuses on "slow fashion" rather than fast fashion. I've learnt so much about styling from her. From finding one's personal style, how to pick a colour that would suit you, to creating a capsule wardrobe, repurposing your old clothes, how to shop less and so much more!

Audrey has such a soothing voice too and her videos exude this calm vibe :) 

If you've been reading my previous posts, you'd noticed that I've been dropping her name quite often. The video below was one of the first video of her I've watched and left a lasting impact on me :) 

Hobbies - Cooking/Baking

1. Delish's Host: June Xie (Youtube Channel)

OK I typically only watch videos on this channel that features this host, June Xie. 

Why I love watching June: 

1. She is probably the only Youtube chef out there that shamelessly reuse things (eg: parchment paper, produce bags, reduce, reuse, recycle people!)

2. She uses leftovers and expired condiments like nobody's business (expired sauce? Does it smells ok? OK? Alright in it goes!)

3. She explains a lot on the why(s) of a certain method

4. She's good at explaining the how(s) too

5. AND she's so brutally honest about her feelings sometimes in her videos

6. Her sense of humour! 

1 & 2 is so refreshing to see on social media.

Please, just do yourself a favour and watch some of her budgets eats video. Or her baking video shot in the Delish test kitchen. Her videos are often 30 minutes ~ 1 hour but I'll assure you, you won't even realise how much time has passed when you watch June videos, and you'll definitely learn quite a bit from her!

I personally learnt a lot too from June's personal Instagram account, where she'd share her views on some news, and also some food wisdom

I'd also recommend listening to this podcast where she was featured in below - one key message that I particularly love from her is to always eat what you love. And don't judge what other people eat. This is very true! I always find that food is very subjective, and sometimes, usually, unintentionally, we'd judge someone for the food they eat, which honestly shouldn't happen. I know I sometimes do that too - unintentionally. And we shouldn't be embarrassed of what we eat too :) 

News/Current Affair

1. Company Man (Youtube Channel)

Why I love this channel:
This channel deep dive into the rise and falls of certain companies, typically big names, and do in depth analysis of the how(s) and why(s). You can learn SOOOO MUCH from this channel. 


That's it for now - these are the social media accounts which I'd religiously watch/read whenever they release new content :) There are of course more which I did not include (eg: plants-related channel! But I follow too many of them and they're really good, worried that this post might be never ending:P) There are of course more out there which I have yet to discover, would love to hear what's your favourite social media accounts and why you love them too :D 

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