Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Monthly Goal Review: November

 Oh my, late post as there were quite a few deadlines I had to meet towards the end of November 2020. Better late than never!

1. Be comfortable on my own + journal how I feel every weekend

Weekend 1: Honestly - I was absolutely r e s t l e s s. I started texting people, was aimlessly scrolling through social media. Asked a friend out and dined out the very first time since CMCO started! But because of the boredom, I've started this weekly challenge thing with my close friend, Sophie, where we state a challenge/goal we would like to achieve for the week! 

Sometimes boredom is not a bad thing, eh? :)

Weekend 2: I was busy baking and cooking, didn't have time to think/worry about how I felt. I was making Lamingtons and Hainanese Chicken Chop, basically, dishes that require lots of work, and I dined out the very first time with my family. Shared some desserts with friends, because I do feel that I need to reconnect with people. 

Weekend 3: I was working half day, and spent the rest of the weekend cooking and baking, editing videos, and watching TED talks! Video editing is my newfound hobby! 

One of the video by Jia...

Watched a meaningful TED talk and the speaker stated that distractions are merely a symptom of our brain being overstimulated - which I really agree with. The talk, I feel, has changed my perception of how I view distraction. And perhaps I would like to make that a goal too. (Yes, added a new goal!)

The TED talk if you're interested :) 

Weekend 4:
Woking day. Went out with a friend. And hibernated. Like really hibernated.  

Looking back, really, boredom isn't really necessarily a bad thing.

2. Buy only clothes that are listed on my long-term planning wishlist

Can you believe it, I didn't buy any clothes this month :D Even though 11.11 and Black Friday occurred this month woohoo! 

3. Initiate at least one event per month

Does sending baked goods to others count? I feel as though I struggle with trying to connect with people. And I don't really know why. Also part of me is feeling a little paranoid about COVID. Hence I forgive myself. 

4. Read at least two books per month

The Rosie Project by Don Tillman

Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah

Oscar and the Lady in Pink by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt / Adriana Hunter (Translator)

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

Wished if I have read one non-fiction book, but it's okay :D Asal ada baca (As long as I am reading). I have to say though, I really love my November book picks - they are all the heartwarming kind of read :)  

5. Doing a monthly review of my goals

On it!

6. Do a monthly/weekly review of my spending

Baking expenses RM150

Cooking expenses RM212 

Yes, it seems really high, but after I go through what I've cooked/baked for the month, it's OK. (Scroll down to see what I've cooked/baked!). Though I've got to admit, I had to chuck some food away (like a small portion of kale, and about two/three portions of Baba Gannoush, as I kept it for too long :( - Lesson learnt to plan ahead, and buy only what I plan to cook!)

Alcohol expenses RM100 (A bottle of wine, two cocktails from RATA and drinks from a bar called Elephant Rock) 

Gardening Expenses RM38 (Jewel Orchid and Neem Oil)
I have been searching for Jewel Orchird since forever so it's ok I guess

Cast Iron Pan RM55
Love them! Always wanted a heavy duty pan which I could chuck into the oven

New Earphone RM54

I bought two earphones just in case one goes bust - I bought the Xiao Mi wireless earbud for RM39 on 11.11, and boy I'm loving it! This must have been one of the best purchases I've made :p 

New Bolster RM14 (Because I had a RM40 Aeon voucher)

7. Carry a notebook and pen wherever I go and jot down notes systematically

The good thing about being in lockdown is I'm always at home with a notebook. So I've been consistent with this goal! 

8. Try out something new each week

Thanks to lockdown, I've been outperforming myself for this goal. Outperforming a little too much I feel. Not that it's a bad thing, but I realise I enjoy doing this toooo much I might have neglected my other goals. And I think it'd be helpful if I could try to...further ride on this goal. Think of how could this help with my own personal development. Because I initially started this goal as I thought I had not much life out of what I do at work. Just something for me to think about! 

Week 1

Pumpkin-shaped pumpkin bread

Banana bread!

Mushroom soup! 

Pumpkin-shaped pumpkin bread! 

Week 2
Kale chips
Gnocchi (store-bought) with Pumpkin Sage sauce
Hainanese Chicken Chop

Week 3

I wanted to upgrade my Gnocchi, so I tried making fresh Gnocchi. Though this one was quite an epic fail - the shape was...hmm not the best looking one. But at least I tried! 
Homemade pesto

Pumpkin Loaf
NY style cookie

Week 4

Scallion pancakes
Persian Love Cake

Japanese style Char Siew.

So yes, with all the cooking & baking I've done. My spending is justified.

Anyway, introducing two new goals this month:

9. *NEW* Complete a weekly challenge with Sophie
This weekly challenge thing really have been helping me get through November. Because of this challenge, I found a new hobby - vlogging/video editing, and it has helped me immensely in my job.

The challenges I have done for the month of November:

Week 1: An unboxing video of my Stand Mixer (You may read the blog post that comes with it here)
Week 2: Have a no social media day (that was rather interesting hhaha)
Week 3: Make a food vlog (See above, scallion pancake video)
Week 4: Make a vlog. Though I don't really want to share it here cause it's kinda negative :p

10. *NEW*Minimise digital distraction

Inspired by the TED Talk I shared above, How I plan to move forward with this is simply NOT using any social media app before 8am every day. I'd also like to set 10pm to 8am as a NO-DIGITAL DISTRACTION time. No social media scrolling. 

Plan to slowly decrease social media usage day by day. Or month by month.

11. Write more at least 100 words per day (not including what I write at work)

12. Log down news article I've read and jot down my thoughts about it, ie reading with purpose.

13. Curate at least two content on @pot_tosynthesis every week (Stories/Post)

14. Set at least two little goals every day

I feel as though November was a good month, and I was quite consistent with 11-14 :)

Now let's hope that December will be kind too!

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