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Ichikakuya Ramen, UOA Business Park [Non-Halal]

Ramen. I love ramen. Ramen is one of my favourite noodle dish, after Chili Pan Mee, of course. When I was WWOOFing at Hokkaido, Japan, a few years back then (you may read more about my experience here & FAQs about WWOOF here), my foster family told me that every area/district in Japan have their own version of Ramen - I was travelling all over Hokkaido just to try it out as many ramens as I can. Of course with my limited tummy capacity and budget (I was literally on a shoestring budget back then, being a uni student!), I managed to only try out a few area's ramens in Japan, namely Sapporo, Kushio, Asahikawa, and Teshigaka. And I have to say, yes, it is different in each area, in terms of the topping, broth, and more evidently, the types of noodles

Anyhow, back to reality where it's...almost impossible to travel in the near future. My best bets now are the ramen shops around me. It's CMCO in the time of writing, and hence, ramen shops in my district.

I have been hearing some bloggers raving about this relatively new ramen shop - Ichikakuya Ramen, which is located at UOA Business Park, Shah Alam. If you're from Subang Jaya, you'd recognise this building as the large giant office block on your left as you enter Federal Highway from Subang Jaya.

Ichikakuya Ramen is a chain shop from the Yokohama region of Japan. (If I'm not mistaken, most Ramen shops in Msia are Tokyo-style ramen. Please don't quote me I might be wrong). 

Getting to Ichikakuya Ramen

Waze/Google Maps, kan?

Writing this section because I was utterly confused about finding this place. Hope this would be helpful if you would like to visit it! It was my first time at Menara UOA despite passing by it n number of times. There are two ways to get to Menara UOA:

1) Walk from Subang KTM/LRT station
There's a sky bridge that conveniently links Menara UOA and Subang KTM/LRT

2) Drive/Grab there
If you do choose to drive there, parking is RM3 (flat rate) on weekends, RM2 per hour on weekdays. The underground visitor parking felt rather eerie on a weekend. I mean, there are guards making their rounds on bikes is literally a dead town there on weekends, which makes sense since it is an office block. Really salute the guards for their bravery.

Try to park at Block 3 because that's where the restaurant is located. Take a lift up to the 1st floor and you'll find Ichikakuya there!
I was there at 7:30pm on a Saturday night...and it was...empty. Perhaps because it's an office building and they mainly serve the office crowd, or also people are fearful about COVID, or perhaps it's a combination of both. People started trickling in around 8pm though. Perhaps I was early? But they close at 9pm anyhow just FYI.

And FYI #2, they deliver too. (More details at the end of this post)


There's Ramen, Soba, and some rice dishes, the usual suspects - you may choose to have the REGULAR or LARGE size for almost all food items. Ichikakuya also have a seasonal menu, which you may check out on their Facebook page as it changes week by week

You are able to customise your ramen to your liking at Ichikakuya - from the noodles, taste, and even chicken oil! 

The Food - specifically, the RAMEN

Yokohama Iekei MAX Ramen, Regular Size, RM25
Comes with three slices of thinly sliced char siew, ajitama, spinach, quail egg and nori (seaweed)

The Ajitama. Ok boleh lah.
The noodles. Yokohama noodles tend to be straighter and thicker, I've read. I opted for hard noodles and hence my order came earlier than everyone's else. Me likey, chewy and springy.
I opted for normal for both taste and chicken oil, and I have to say, I wished if I ordered extra chicken oil. I absolutely LOVE the chicken oil! Gosh. It reminds me of my childhood, cause my mum used to steam chicken and let me drink the chicken oil extract from it HAHA. Not the most healthiest thing, but golly, it's good. 
I's good. I like it. Very much. 

The portion feels a little smaller than other places - but I might be wrong, haven't had ramen in a while. Either way, I thought it was just nice for me without feeling overly bloated.


Will I be back? Definitely. And I'd definitely want to try out their other dishes as well. And order extra chicken oil next time!

Ichikakuya Ramen
Unit 1-3A, Level 1, Tower 3, 
The Podium, UOA Business park, 
No. 1, Jalan Pengaturcara U1/51A, 
Kawasan Perindustrian Temasya, 
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor

Contact Number:014-958 3884

Business Hours:
11am - 9pm, Mondays to Saturdays

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