Sunday, 8 November 2020

Drinks @ RATA, SS15 Subang Jaya

RATA has been making its round around social media - or at least among my circle. I've been seeing countless posts of its cocktails and pizza around social media and have always been curious to try this place out. 

And I've finally had the chance to do so on an uneventful Saturday night. A night where my body just screams "I need a drink!".
Rata is located at SS15 Suabng Jaya - at the row of shops with many Japanese restaurants (if you're a Subang-ite you will get this :p), along the road facing Subang Darby Medical Center. Parking there can be quite an issue, even during CMCO. There were many parking jockeys it seems, not sure if they are hired by specific restaurants, or they are illegal parking touts, or it is a combination of both. 


I'll only be showing the drinks (ie: Cocktails) menu here since that was what I was there for. RATA has a selection of classic cocktails and the not-so-classic cocktails.

Prices were pretty decent, I thought. 

The Drinks

Round 1: (From front) Pineapple Prada (RM26) and Green Gravati (RM28)

Pineapple Prada RM26
Sarawak pineapple, coconut sugar, pineapple dark rum, pineapple liqueur

I might be a little bias since Sarawak pineapple is used in this drink (Sarawak honestly have the best pineapple!) But this was my favourite drink for the night! Always love a tropical twist in my drinks! Love that it has a strong enough kick too! 

The Green Gravati (Kiwi, Tarragon, Coconut Rum & Vodka) is their monthly special - my friend claimed that it tasted a little diluted. I stole a few sips but because the Pineapple Prada was stronger in taste, I couldn't really taste much of anything ;P
Round 2 (From front) - Guava Goyard (RM26) & Bailey's Balenciaga (RM28)

Guava Goyard RM25
Freshly pressed guava, oak whiskey, egg white, Limoncello

This drink was recommended by the waiter and also is their signature drink. However, this drink didn't quite hit the spot for me - personal preferences I guess. The whiskey taste was evident, and I think I honestly prefer whiskey on its own rather than having it mixed. This made me reflect on my past experiences having whiskey-based cocktails - they usually don't hit the spot for me. Again, personal preferences! 

The Bailey's Balenciaga features Irish cream, orange liqueur, hazelnut liqueur, and chocolate. If you love Irish coffee, you'd definitely like this! 

Verdict: Great drinks, prices were decent too. Would like to try out their dessert and mains one day! Their pizza looks absolutely amazing (and I was told by friends that the portion is huge too!)

Reservation is recommended during CMCO, as dining spaces are extremely limited! 

P.S. delivery is available! Drinks are available for takeaway too. 

25, Jalan SS 15/5A,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Instagram: @rata_subang

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