Sunday, 16 August 2020

Shin Zushi Bar, Taipan USJ Subang Jaya [Non-Halal]


A new sushi bar popped up at Taipan USJ somewhere early this year, and I've noticed that there is always a queue outside it (even before MCO kicked in - there's a queue almost everywhere now, as diners have to adhere to SOP and maintain social distancing even at the dining table, which leads to lesser tables available for diners and hence, queues). A quick Google search of this place resulted in many positive reviews, applauding their affordable price tag yet quality food. 
Menu on first glance - billboard outside of the shop, seems pretty reasonable 

So we decided to try it out on a Saturday evening - we thought we could skip the crowd by coming at 5.45pm, but turns out we had to queue and wait for a table already! We ended up waiting for about 20 minutes for a table. 
The interior - it felt more like a casual Japanese restaurant or a kaiten sushi place, rather than a sushi bar, with the chitter-chatter of patrons buzzing away. But again, looking at the price point, I don't expect an "atas" (translation: high end) atmosphere here. 


Shin Zushi serves most "typical" Japanese dishes you can think of - from sushi, sashimi, dons (rice bowl), noodles, teishouku (set meals) etc. etc. This is not the full menu by the way - there were too many pages for me to document them all. You can refer to the full menu on their Facebook page.

The Food
Salmon Hara Sashimi (RM15) / Salmon Belly Sashimi
This dish consist of three THICK slices of salmon belly sashimi. Not bad, especially for this price. Not the freshest I've tasted, but it's not unfresh. Honestly I have nothing to complain about with this price. I'm satisfied.
Rosta Sushi to Sashimi Teishouku RM34 (Torched sushi and sashimi set)
A set like this would typically cost up to RM40/50 in a Japanese restaurant. So again, I'm satisfied. 
Volcano Spider Maki RM10.50
Ika Maruyaki RM24 / Grilled Squid

I have to agree with most comments I've read on the internet - food at Shin Zushi is relatively affordable, and quality's there as well. Definitely a place that I'd visit again. Again, just want to remind that it's more of a casual Japanese restaurant and not really a high-class sushi bar, and you might have to queue for a table should you visit at peak hours. 

There are two other branches in Bukit Jalil and Puchong, and it seems like their reviews are mostly positive as well, just a FYI for you guys :) 

Shin Zushi Bar (USJ branch) 
19-G, Jalan USJ 10/1, Taipan USJ
Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Opening Hours: 11.30am-11pm daily

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