Thursday, 3 September 2020

Monthly Goal Review: August

1. Be comfortable on my own
As I've started a new job this month, the first few weekends were a little packed, and hence I was well comfortable being alone. In fact, alone time was rather precious. The last weekend of August though was a long weekend and I deliberately planned nothing, to compensate for the packed first few weekends. It was odd as I felt empty on that long weekend. Striking a balance feels tricky. Something which I really want to explore is to find out the root cause of these feelings. 

This article about boredom on New Yorker really intrigues me. 

boredom is, as Tolstoy defined it, “a desire for desires.” 

Boredom is a distinctly uncharismatic state of being. It “lacks the charm of melancholy—a charm that is connected to melancholy’s traditional link to wisdom, sensitivity and beauty,”  

“Boredom is a function of life which is lived under the compulsion to work, and under the strict division of labor.” So-called free time—obligatory hobbies and holidays that reconcile us to the capitalist economy’s coldly regimented workday—is really a sign of our unfreedom. 

This resonates with me so much - especially on that last long weekend of August. I had the desire to have desire - to be out there doing something, but I'm not sure what. To feel like I am making good use of the weekend. Of the holidays. 

At the same time, having time alone, or boredom time is important for us to recharge. 

2. Buy only clothes that are listed on my long-term planning wishlist
This month I've been thrift shopping weekly - and bought things that are not on my wishlist. I've started a new job this month, which gives me more flexibility in the way I dress. And obviously, Jia Qi wants to...spice up her closet. And hence...

But okay, to my defense, I waited a few days before purchasing them, to really ensure that I wanted the clothes :p

(Yes, this defeats 

3. Initiate at least one event per month
I initiated a hiking trip with my high school friends at Bukit Sri Bintang, Kepong!

And another one to Bukit Ketumbar, Cheras :) 

4. Read at least two books per month
Books I've read this month:

The Rice Mother by Rani Manicka
Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano
The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri
How to Talk to Kids so the will listen by Adele Faber

5. Doing a monthly review of my goals
On it :)

6. Do a monthly/weekly review of my spendings
This month's spending is heavy on the drinking and eating outside. Whoops 

Drinking expenses
Drinking out: RM50 (Heli Lounge) + RM32 (Farmer's Bar) + RM32 (Mrs Jones) = RM112
Drinking in: RM47 + RM60 (Two bottles of wine)  = RM107

Total alcohol spending = RM219
Clothing Spending
Dress from thrift store (Second Street Subang) RM10 + Uniqlo beige t-shirt RM19.90 + Dress from OKGO thrift store RM24 

Total clothing spending = RM53.90

Baking Expenses = RM50

While my baking expenses reduced significantly this month, drinking expenses...went significantly higher.

7. Carry a notebook and pen wherever I go and jot down notes systematically

8. Try out something new each week

Week 1: Pistachio Shortbread

Also volunteered for What a Waste to pack food :)

Week 2: Lemon Muffins/Lemon Blueberry Muffins

Week 3: Guinness Brownies

Week 4/5: Blondies with dark chocolate

Goal 10 onwards will be things that I'd like to push myself to do - but will not beat myself up too much if I cant achieve it because it largely depends on my free time available. 

10. Write more at least 100 words per day (not including what I write at work)

11. Log down news article I've read and jot down my thoughts about it, ie reading with purpose.

12. Curate at least two content on @pot_tosynthesis every week (Stories/Post)

13. Set at least two little goals every day

Unfortunately, after the second half of the month of August, I felt kinda overwhelmed and swamped with work and hence was unable to complete these goals.

What would September entail? 

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