Sunday, 30 August 2020

Hiking Bukit Ketumbar, Cheras

Highlights of this hike: 
1. Tame babi hutan (wild boars)
2. A partial KL view halfway through the hike

Bukit Ketumbar is a seemingly popular hill amongst locals around Cheras. I've been told by friends, as well as read reviews online stating that this is a relatively short and easy hike. There are only two trails to the peak - one shorter but steeper trail (around 20-30 mins up) and one that is slightly longer but more scenic (around 40-50 minutes up). Most would choose to take one up and the other way down, completing one loop. 

As mentioned, as this place is seemingly popular with locals and families, parking can be an issue - it is very limited and can be rather...haphazard. There is a paid parking lot but because we were lucky enough to find a spot to park, hence I didn't bother to find out the rates, my apologies.

There's a small altar to your left at the start of the trail. 
About 30m from the trail head you'll reach a junction -The trail to the right is the longer, more scenic, and "easier" trail, whereas the trail to the left is the shorter and steeper trail. The trail to the right is seemingly more popular so we decided to follow suit.

The were a few small stream crossing, but nothing too deep nor wide! 
Even though we took the "easier" route, the trail was just uphill all the way... Nothing too unmanageable/too steep, but certainly it's a little more challenging than other hills like Bukit Sri Bintang 
There are guiding ropes all the way though, so fret not :) 
Halfway up there's a viewpoint featuring the partial KL city view - would be great to come here for sunset :) 

When you start seeing oil palm trees, you'll know you're near the peak :p The terrain is a lot flatter from this point too!

The Peak

The peak features a large flat land with self-made exercise equipment sprawled around and decorated elaborately with colourful umbrellas and flags. There is plenty of space for groups to sit around and chill. 

I think there used to be a coffee shop (?) here at the peak once upon a time - not too sure about the details to be honest, but whatever this was, it wasn't in operation during our visit. If you have the answer, do enlighten me. 

The views from the peaks are obstructed by trees, but...

You get a different highlight at the peak - wildlife. Tame wildlife. The monkeys and wild boars are seemingly accustomed to human presence. 

We descended using the other trail - the supposedly shorter and steeper trail. Descending was a breeze and this other trail is definitely a lot shorter compared to the one we took to ascend. 

I liked this hike because it's short-ish and steep enough to make me sweat and feel as though I am putting in effort in exercising. The wild animals are definitely a highlight. I find that this trail is somewhat similar to Bukit Sri Bintang where it's short and sweet, but Bukit Ketumbar definitely is more challenging, but nonetheless, it's a great hill for beginners :) 

Bukit Ketumbar 
Difficulty: Somewhere in between "easy" and "moderate" (it's a short hike with stretches of steep uphill hike)
Duration of hike: 1+ hour (including rest stops) 


  1. On the way the long/right route there's a secret?trail not far from starting point not visible before but now got a small national flag to spot it.There actually got 5 route u can take to reach to top hill.recently some hiker builded some steel pondok to rest but sadly 1 of it been destroyed suspected by a Big lawyer who make ruckus and self claim chairman of Bukit Sungai Putih community?Those who really maintains the hill not even know this guys is but he act like this hill is his own 1.😡

  2. Great post thank u, small suggestion, maybe post how far it is base on kilometer ? Time taken or "short" "easy" is just too subjective. I been to a "medium difficulty, 45 min" hike but took me 10 min, woudlnt have went if i knew it was just 2km.

  3. Hey there!

    @kk oh dear :( that's sad to hear sigh.

    Thanks for the feedback! I didn't track the distance to be honest, will definitely do so in future posts :)

  4. same-same like trail BUKIT WAWASAN PUCHONG


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