Tuesday, 1 January 2019

2018, from now and beyond

I've been writing quite a bit to really organize myself, organize my thoughts and so on. Just wanted to aticulate my best moments of last year, and what I want next year (2019).

Best moments of 2018s:
1. Joining Accenture Student Leadership Camp (ASLC) 2018, with two groups of students

2. Co-Organizing Running Man event with one of the ASLC team

3. Being the sort of, basketball teacher, of my students

4. Seeing how the 2016 fellow, Tan Jiunn Wenn's kids putting in so much effort to join i'M-Set and Young Innovate Challenge

5. Revamping the English board.

6. Going for Asia Got Talent with the kids

7. Hosting TFM Week!!!

8. Hosting DHL Help a School!!!

9. Being able to still travel during the school holidays. Hahaha

What I want for this year:
1. Be firm but kind.
Not being the crazy strict teacher that shouts at students all the time. But at the same time, not being too soft. Care about them. But not be too soft on them.

2. Establish classroom routine
And be very consistent with it. Making sure that students are ready (books out, rubbish cleared) before class starts.

3. Create more opportunities for students
I'd really join ASLC again. And also create more opportunities through activities or events for the students. Hopefully, just to quantify it, two major opportunities this year.

4. Reconnecting with people
Because I tend to get carried away in my work and forget that people exists.

5. Be more organized
Find a method to track where I left my lessons (and what I promised my students) because I suddenly have more classes and I am lost...

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