Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Here's some positivity

Sometimes I feel like I focus too much on the negativity of my life and I forget about the positive things that happened around me.

Today I feel like I am really taken care of by my students.
 My day started off with a pasta delivery by a student, which came in really handy because I am perpetually hungry.
A student (from the same class I cried in before lol) came and 'escort' me to class today. And I could see he really is trying to control the class for me.

After school, a student came to talk to me and asked "Do you have a meeting today? Have you eaten teacher? Don''t forget to take 5 minutes break!"

These gestures really warms my heart and keep me going.

Knowing some students actually cares gives me the strength to be stronger and do my best.

 Yesterday, I declared that it was dessert day and my collab, Sophie, was supportive lol.
Many things to be grateful of, eh.

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