Sunday, 22 April 2018


Most of you who follows me on Instagram would know this - my laptop has been giving me a lot of troubles recently. It auto-restarts out of nowhere, and it takes almost forever to reboot. (Okay I'm clearly exaggerating, but you know how we are so used to technology being at the tip of our finger tip, having no access to technology feels like forever?). 

Today is the longest time frame my laptop has been "dead". I can't start up my laptop SINCE 6AM THIS MORNING. So bye-bye lesson plans, my pre-prepared slides and so on. Just goreng lah for the whole day.

I was complaining about my laptop to one of my trusted student, and I (half-serious) asked him if I could borrow his laptop because I AM DYING I NEED A LAPTOP TO LESSON PLAN AND COMPLETE MY ASSIGNMENT.

He said yes. He went home after school, took his laptop, and walked back to school to pass the laptop to me.

And yes, I am currently typing from his laptop. 


I am amalgamation of happiness, gratefulness, guilt and apprehension. Happy because...well I get to do work. Grateful to have a student that trusts me so much, that he is willing to lend me his laptop. Guilt because I am not sure if taking his laptop away from him will cause inconvenience to him (he reassured that he rarely uses his laptop, but really who knows), and also because he came back to school just to pass his laptop to me and ask me to teach him one maths question. I had to ask my collab, Sophie, to teach him as I was guiding another student in English language at that time and I find it hard to multitask. Apprehension because....I am holding on to an expensive asset.

I wonder, if I am a student, and a teacher asks me to borrow her my laptop, would I budge? 

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