Wednesday, 27 April 2016

33Sixty Glasgow 2016

My heart throbbed with excitement when I received the email from Common Purpose, informing me that my application status for 33Sixty has been successful. I was selected as one of the 100 Commonwealth leaders to participate in 33Sixty Glasgow that took place from the 11-14 of April 2016!

Little did I know that 33Sixty would leave a lasting impact and a wonderful, unforgettable memory in me.
The 100 representatives of Commonwealth Youth that participated in 33 Sxity
33Sixty Glasgow is a leadership programme run by Common Purpose in partnership with The Scottish Government and Legacy 2014, with the support of The University of Strathclyde. Why 33Sixty? Because 33% of the world’s population lives in the Commonwealth, of whom 60% are under the age of 30.
Of those 100,
1/3 are nationals of the host country
1/3  are Commonwealth that are currently studying or living in the host country
1/3 travelled to the host country from across the Commonwealth.

We were given a challenge to be tackled across the four days, that is  “How do we create a step change in the way the private, public and not-for-profit sectors work together?”

We were split into groups to understand and propose a tangible solution over the four days.
Me and my wonderful group mates 
The topic of the challenge really interest me. The private sector has always been associated to being money-making machine, but in recent years private sectors have been actively engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in an effort to give back to the society. The Government sector on the other hand have the resources to increase the livelihood of a city/country, whereas the not-for-profit are always constantly looking out for niches and opportunity to make the world of better place, but are tied down to the constraint of lack of resources.

Collaboration between these three sectors will be able to increase the livelihood of citizens, filling in the missing gaps of each sectors, in line with the Global Sustainable Development Goals, ideally leading to a win-win situation. However, there are many challenges and barriers to achieve collaboration.

We weren't thrown into the dark to solve the challenge. Over the four days, we had immersion visits to all three different sectors. We were given insight of the operations of the three different sectors through immersion visit to Scottish Government, Clyde Gateway, Scottish Enterprise, Street Soccer, Unlimited Space and much more.

Speaking to the CEO/representative during the immersion visits was inspiring and empowering. We were addressed the challenges each sectors faced, and given their take on how they initiate cross-sector collaboration.

Through these talks and visit, I had a clearer and deeper understanding of the root of the problems.
Presenting our group's solution to the challenge
After we concluded the immersion,we were expected to produce a video and pitch for our solutions. We received mentoring from mentors of different sectors to give constructive feedback on our solution and a diverse view of our project.

The ideas ranged from mobile application, website, Education project and much more. It was amazing to see what we could come out with in such a short span of time.
Prior to the final pitch, we had a Pitching workshop session, where we were randomly split into groups, and each group had to come out with an "unpitchable product" and sell the idea to everyone. I enjoyed this session the most because I get to pitch my "Gold Fish Hat" product. One of my favourite group's pitch was the product "Nothing".

We had a Soap box session as well, where four volunteers stood high up on a chair, speaking about a topic that matters the most to them, that they are highly passionate about.

Through these session, I learnt that we tend to be connected towards speaker of which their topic we could relate to, or when the speaker is enthusiastic and passionate about it. We connect to the speaker.
Pitching my group's Glasgow Tallest Tower

My take back from this programme?

Cultural intelligence , how different culture and upbringing affect us and our viewpoint. Sometimes, there is no right or wrong answer - it just depends on how you view the problem and how the society you were brought up in shape the way you look at a problem. How we can learn to accept different viewpoints and culture.

How a common purpose brings all us together to work together - to make the world a better place through different effort.

The power of vulnerability - how being true and honest break us down and connect with others.

How much we can learn from one, simply by just listening or observing.

Owen from Unlimited Space providing us insights on cross-sector collaboration
I've certainly took back so much more than I'd ever expect. Meeting these bunch of inspiring and motivating youth, listening to them sharing what they have done & achieve - their diverse viewpoint opened up my mind & motivated me to go further.

I discovered skills and talent I had in me that I did not know of before.

We discussed about sensitive topics that sparked intellectual debate which I found highly enriching. Should euthanization be made legal? Are parents allowed to discipline their children by any means? 

Our last session in Day 4: Goodbye the Scottish way: Auld Lang Syne
I've also learnt about cultures of the commonwealth countries such as Nigeria, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Celtic and so much more.

33Sixty opened my mind and curiosity to learn more about the rich & diverse culture and history of the world.
Glasgow University

On the last night we had a reception at the beautiful Bute Hall of University of Glasgow - where we were give the opportunity to network with the CSCLeaders from all across Commonwealth countries.
A photo with Sam, who dressed up in the traditional Scottish Kilt during the reception!

And I even get to explore the beautiful city of Glasgow with my fellow 33Sixty-ians! Trying out the local Scottish delights, the beautiful parks, museum and cathedrals....Glasgow is truly a beauty! (I'll save that for another blog post, maybe?)
Glasgow Cathedral
Beautiful Cherry Blossom at Kelvingroove Park

And best of all, I fostered new friendship with youths across the Commonwealth countries. 

Really missing everyone from 33Sixty. Participating in 33Sixty must be one of the best decision I've ever made, despite taking a week off from my three study weeks prior to my finals and forking out MYR4200 for my flight tickets (33Sixty is partially sponsored by the Scottish Government & Legacy 2014 - Meals & accommodation & all travelling costs in Glasgow is covered but we have to fork out our own travelling cost to Glasgow). I'd really recommend students/youths to apply for 33Sixty - it was an enriching programme and you'll meet a network of inspiring individuals

Common Purpose will be organizing a Global Leader Experience (GLE) programme in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 30 May - 2 June 2016 and if you're a student on summer break..why not give it a shot?

Photos credit to fellow participants from 33Sixty. 

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Piggy Tail, Bangsar Telawi (Revisit) [Non-Halal] [CLOSED]

A couple of days ago, I received an invitation to drop by Piggy Tail to try out their new menu. The decent food served during my first visit prompted me to say yes! You can read more about my first visit to Piggy Tail here.
The interior of Piggy Tail - nothing much has changed, perhaps just the addition of a few more tables and chairs.
Watermelon Salad with Premium Pork RM32
Grill sliced premium pork shoulder with fresh watermelon and greens, drizzled with their home made sweet salad dressing.
The watermelon salad features a unique sweet and savoury flavour and a medley of textures. The addition of watermelon cubes was refreshing to the taste buds. However, I personally find the dressing a little too sweet to my liking. 
Signature Pork Corn RM17
Best selling crispy and juicy deep fried Sakura Pork Chunks
I've tried these during my first visit and I'm glad that the Pork Corns still tasted as good! These were addictively good, crunchy on the outside, hot & juicy on the inside. Best paired with a mug of cold beer!
Creamy Roasted Pumpkin Soup RM26
Oven-roasted pumpkin, pureed and served with croutons, garlic bread, and a splash of cream. I love how thick and creamy the consistency of the soup is. No sugar added in the preparation of this soup :) 
Seafood Tomato Soup RM25
Tomato-based seafood soup. Again, love the thick consistency. The seafood soup has a spiciness that is just right, just enough to give you a "kick".
Piggy Mega Platter RM268 (5-6pax)
Combination of Piggy Signature Pork Knuckle, BBQ Ribs, PT Pork Burger, Home Made Pork Sausages, Pork Chop, Lamb Chop/Fried Chicken, Coleslaw, Mashed Potatoes and Greens.
Never, ever order this if you're dining with a group of less than five pax. Don't say I didn't warn you! The portion of the Mega Piggy Platter was GINORMOUS. The Mega Piggy Platter is perfect for those who wants to sample most of the piggy dishes in Piggy Tail :) I loved the pork loin which was so juicy and well flavoured.
Korean Fried Chicken RM48 (3-4 pax)
Korean-style fried chicken served with coleslaw and fries.
Korean Cheesy Ribs RM68 (1-2pax)
Korean hot & spicy baby back ribs served with melted cheese. Customers can opt for the dish to be served on a portable stove, to keep the cheese in its molten state. Definitely one of my favourites at Piggy Tail! The sweet & spicy sauce went absolutely well with the molten cheese- I couldn't get enough of it. The best part is the hardened cheese on the bottom of the skillet - crispy and slightly charred, and elastic-y so you can pull the cheese and form a loooooong string of cheese while savouring the flavourful meat and sauce and cheese mmmmhmmm.
Vegetarian Spaghetti RM20
Spaghetti cooked with home made tomato-based sauce cooked with diced egg plant, mushroom, cucumber & tomato

Piggy Tail's new menu has a lot more to offer. If you're looking for a meat-iful dinner/lunch with a crowd, Piggy Tail would definitely be the place to be. Personal recommendation would be the Korean Cheesy Ribs :)

Piggy Tail
No. 39, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours:
Monday-Friday 11am-1am
Saturday-Sunday 10am-1am

Contact Number:03-2202 2166

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Taiyakie , SS15 [CLOSED]

Croissant + Taiyakie? Yes please!!
An extra of Taiyaki photos from Google
For those of you who is unfamiliar, Taiyaki (鯛焼き ) is a Japanese fish-shaped cake. The most common filling is red bean paste that is made from sweetened azuki beans, as explained on Wikipedia.

I've always been a crazy fan of dem' buttery & flaky croissant, as well as these cute little fish-shaped Japanese dessert. So when I heard about the opening of Taiyakie, a little stall specializing in Croissant & Taiyaki hybrid in SS15, I knew I had to try it out.
Red Bean Azuki Taiyaki RM5.90
Croissant Taiyaki filled with aromatic Red Bean. Not the most photogenic food dishes around, but oh wow this was really good - the pastry crust was rich with buttery taste and oh-so-crispy!

Ham & Cheese Taiyaki RM6.90
A savoury take on the croissant-taiyaki hybrid. Brace yourself to indulge in the molten cheesy goodness, enclosed in the crispy & flaky croissant crust! I can't choose my favourite! Both are equally as addictive and crispy on the outside.

The little Taiyakie stall, located just right next to Starbucks, occupying a small lot of OSSSS Print Club.
Taiyakie Menu, from their Facebok page
No 77, Jalan SS15/8A
Subang Jaya

Contact Number: 011-2193 5520

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday: 10am-10pm.
Saturday and Sunday: 2pm-11pm.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Kimnana Bento Delivery [DISCONTINUED]

Healthy food delivery services has been gaining popularity recently, as consumers nowadays favor convenience and are getting more health-conscious. I've noticed that most online food delivery services are centered around KL City Centre / Damansara. My area (Subang Jaya / Putrajaya) is often out of the radar, or an exorbitant delivery fee is imposed if delivery is provided. 
I've recently discovered Kimnana Bento, an affordable & healthy bento delivery service whose delivery area covers almost the whole of Klang Valley plus free delivery, with an achievable minimum order especially if you're ordering with colleagues or coursemates in campus! I was over the moon to see Putrajaya and Subang Jaya listed in the delivery area! 

A glimpse of what Kimnana Bento offers! To my delight, most bentos are priced around RM10! Visit to see their full range of bentos available.

It is really easy to place an order. Just select the bento you want, key in the quantity, delivery date and delivery time, and you're good to check out. Customer can choose their bentos to be delivered at either 12pm, 12.30pm or 1pm. Delivery on bentos are only available on weekdays for now.
You can order your bento at least one day in advance, up to two weeks ahead. Customers can opt to make their payment either by:

- Online payment (Direct bank transfer is available!)
- COD (Cash on Delivery)

I choose my delivery time to be at 12pm and I received a call about 5 minutes before the delivery arrived. My delivery arrived on the dot! 
My bento wasn't pipping hot when I received it, which was understandable as my bento delivery zone is all the way in Putrajaya.
Honey Mustard Fried Fish Fillet RM9.90
Fried breaded fish fillet served with honey mustard sauce, alongside with premium fragrant rice, green peas, marinated hard-boiled egg and pickled vegetables. For RM9.90, this bento offered more than what I expected - portion was generous, and it was definitely really filling and satisfying. The fried fish fillet didn't taste soggy even though the bento wasn't pipping hot when I ate it. 
Gumiho Whitening Bento RM17.90
Grilled Seabass with Barley, Corn & Peas in Teriyaki Sauce, served with Oden Radish, Cherry Tomato, Broccoli, Korean Onion Pancake & fresh fruits. Set comes with Korean Buckwheat Tea (not in photo)
The GUMIHO Whitening Bento gathers a wide variety of super food that is rich in nutrients and aims to brings out ultra-whitening effect.

The grilled seabass was flavourful and well-executed. I loved the teriyaki sauce that accompanied the seabass, Again, the portion size was more than enough and satisfying.

Verdict: Quality bentos with generous serving size and affordable pricing!

For more information, visit

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Whup Whup, SS13 Subang Jaya [CLOSED]

Here's another new cafe to drop by in Subang Jaya! Whup Whup opened its door to the public last year end in SS13 Subang Jaya industrial area, amidst factories and warehouses (near to Grey Sky Morning and UCSI International School). The roads leading to WhupWhup was an odd one, bumpy roads filled with potholes, factories, warehouse, factories, warehouse, Pappa Rich(?) and suddenly...Whup Whup! So fret not if you think you're not on the right track - you are on the right track!

Whup Whup's compound was once a warehouse/factory, hence expect an industrial feel when you step into Whup Whup's spacious compound. I love how bright and spacious the area is, with colourful, mismatched wooden table and chairs and old machineries laid out in the area. Free parking is provided at Whup Whup too!
What we ordered!

Slim Shady (Ristretto) RM8
All the drinks and food items on Whup Whup's menu are cleverly named - scroll down to read more!
The Beauty (Latte) RM10 & The BeauThe Cowpenter RM22
Braised beef pasta cooked with red wine. Served with Fettucini or Spaghetti.
Pimped Grilled Cheese RM20
Duck bacon, Parmesan cheese with glaze on toasted country bread
According to my friend who ordered this, he claim that the sandwich was not bad, and had a sweet note which was probably due to the honey glaze.
Salmon Open Sandwich RM19
Salmon filet on oil mayo with roasted country bread. Salmon was fresh and the bread that served alongside with this dish was chewy on the side and crusty outside.The tomato relish served alongside with the sandwich gave the dish a nice tangy kick.

 Gramps Apple Pie RM10
 Apple pie served with vanilla ice-cream.

Whup Whup
12, Jalan SS13/3B
Subang Jaya

Opening Hour:
11am - 11pm Wednesday - Sunday

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