Friday, 5 September 2014

Showcase, TTDI

Think toys are only for kids? Think again!

Figurine lovers, assemble! Feast your eyes with these beautifully crafted, lifelike figurines that has varying facial expression, impressive poses & detailed features, at this hidden gem at TTDI, Showcase Cafe.
Located at Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2 (same row as Pickle & Fig) , Showcase has a big 3D signboard that leaves one scratching his head.... (is it a coffee place? or a brunch place?). Step on in to find out the answer.

Step in to Showcase, & you'll be greeted by a team of welcoming staffs. The interior: unfinished concrete floors, unique rod-like lamps, wooden table & chairs, black walls & dim lighting...but wait....what's behind these glass display embedded behind the black walls....?

Captain America, Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Robin, Jet Li, Ghost Rider, Alien versus Predator, Terminator & so much more! There are currently more than 100 figurines lined up behind the glass display at Showacase! Plus,all patrons are welcomed to take as much photographs they want! 

These figurines are all priced at RM800 and above & were imported from Hot Toys Limited, a long-standing authentic figurine producer in Hong Kong! (Source: Timeoutkl).

Collector who spot a gem at Showcase will also get to order & purchase em! Just ask one of the friendly staffs.

Now, Showcase isn't just all about showcasing their impressive collection of figurines. Showcase serves up an array of dishes to delight one's cravings: there's the usual breakfast food, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, various main dishes & also salads for the health conscious! You can also pamper yourself with a range of coffee, smoothie, freddo, desserts ,pastries & so much more! There's just so much Showcase has to offer!   
Passion Peach Tea Mocktail (Comes with set) Ori Price RM10
Patron will receive a complementary drink (excluding smoothie & fruit juice) when they order any of their Main Dishes. A great deal, isn't it?
Pesto Grilled Salmon RM24.90
Perfectly grilled Salmon served on a bed of pesto, with a side of mashed potatoes & gravy & steamed vegetables
The salmon was well-cooked & tender, a perfect contrast to the addictive crispy skin. The pesto packed a punch of savouriness & aromatic taste which further enhanced our dinning experience, making each bite a memorable one. 

Mashed potatoes had a creamy & smooth texture, with tiny bites & chunks of potatoes embedded in it to give it an extra texture. Drenched in a savoury brown gravy, this meal couldn't be better. It was perfect. 
A photo with the "fun-size" Iron man! (Quoted from one of the friendly staffs at Showcase that helped us take this photo!)

Showcase is a must-visit, especially for all figurines fans out there, or superheroes fans who knows all their names & variation by heart (I didn't know there were so many versions of Iron Man until I visited Showcase...).

36, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2,
TTDI, Kuala Lumpur,

Business Hours:
Mon - Thu: 10am-12pm
Fri - Sat: 10am- 12pm
Sun: 10am- 11pm

Contact Number: 03-2857 3163
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