Sunday, 31 August 2014

Purple Pasta, Oasis Ara Damansara (Formerly known as Epiphany Coffee & Tobacco) [CLOSED]

Update: New Lunch & Dinner Menu @ Purple Pasta

Selamat Hari Merdeka & Happy birthday Malaysia! Cheers to a long weekend! :P

Here's a place to visit that one can visit at Oasis Ara Damansara, especially if you're on a tight budget ;)

I have been following Epiphany Coffee & Tobacco FB page ever since my first visit and about two weeks ago, I stumbled upon their latest status update stating that they have just underwent a major facelift. So Guan Ren & I decided to drop by last Saturday to check it out.
Back with a new brand name, Purple Pasta Cafe resides at the same shop lot as where Epiphany was (same row as Tappers Cafe), with a striking purple sign board.
Joy & happiness swept through our faces (& wallets) as we browse through the discount signs that were plastered all over the glass walls of Purple Pasta. RM5 for a plate of pasta?!! Sounds unbelievable isn't it? The RM5 Pasta isn't on the menu so you'll have to ask the waiter about it while ordering.
The homey interior of Purple Pasta. We instantly felt at home as we step into Purple Pasta. The warm hospitality of the staffs at Purple Pasta made us feel at ease. Purple Pasta emits a warm & cosy vibe- a perfect place to hang out with friends & family.

The menu of Purple Pasta was a rather creative one- the matte laminated paper are tied to a thin piece of wooden block which has a wooden spatula attached to it.
Sure enough, we ordered everything that was on promotion. Purple Pasta's promotions changes from time to time I think so do keep an eye of the promotions on their Facebook page
Piccolo Latte RM10 (Buy 1 Free 1)
Foam lacked smoothness & creaminess, but do give them some time as they are still new :)
Gravy Pasta RM5
Spaghetti cooked with brown gravy & beef
Not your usual pasta sauce, but it was a fresh change & twist from the typical pasta sauce. Savoury & thick, & packed with minced beef. If you're a big fan of brown sauce I'd  recommend you to give this pasta a try.
Aglio Olio RM5
Spaghetti tossed with Olive Oil, Chilli Flakes & Minced Chicken
The Aglio Olio was a little bit too dry for my liking & I thought that the chilli flakes was overpowering the pasta.
Complementary Dessert
Ice-Cream with a twist. The creamy ice-cream had an aromatic espresso after-taste. A fine balance of sweet & bitter.
We got this dessert for free after filling up their feedback form.:)
Complementary Dessert Plate (2)
Chocolate Chip Marshmallow, Tangerine Marshmallow & Seaweed popcorns
Two complementary desserts for us? A sweet ending to our wonderful (& budget!) savoury meal. I loved the chocolate chip marshmallow! So fluffy & chewy, and rich in chocolate taste! The Seaweed popcorn tasted like one of those expensive gourmet popcorn & was highly addictive

I loved the Chocolate Chip Marshmallow so much I even dapau-ed home some (RM2 for 2 pieces). They were kind enough to throw in another complementary marshmallow in my doggy-bag! :)

There were some hits & misses, but with their friendly staffs that constantly strives to improve & appreciates feedbacks from customers, I'm pretty sure that Purple Pasta will emerge as the locals favourite one day :)

Purple Pasta Restaurant & Cafe
D-G-06, Block D Oasis Square Ara Damansara,
2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Contact Number: 03-7859 9998

Friday, 29 August 2014

Strangers at Forty7, Section 17

Strangers at 47, a new cafe occupying a shoplot at Section 17 (where the famous Kanna Curry House , The Grind Burger House & The Humble Pie resides) that specializes in serving sweet & savoury crepes! 

Strangers at 47 has a strong & close connection to my all-time favourite burger place- my Burger Lab. (I got a confirmation on this from an Instagram comment from them!).
Strangers at Forty7 simple menu consisting of only three pages- one page for savoury crepes, one page for desserts crepes, and the last page for beverages.  
A Hen's Crush RM17
Chilli flaked crepe, pan seared chicken, sweet capsicums, golden hash brown, citrus-cucumber-onion salad, house-made spicy tangy sauce. A dish beautifully plated, stuffed to the brims with its filling, certainly a feast to our eyes.
I certainly love the juicy succulent chicken! Tender & juicy with a crispy exterior, it goes well with the sourish citrus-cucumber-onion salad & the spicy & tangy homemade sauce. The crepe here is similar to a pancake, minus the spongy texture & sweet taste of a pancake (and of course, very much thinner than a pancake). Very much distinctive from a French Crepe.

However, we thought that the crepe is a little bit too dry. We did mentioned about this to the friendly staffs when they asked for our feedback and we were told that we could ask for extra sauce!
Purple Rage FOC (RM7)
Sweet Potato Crepe, Japanese Sweet Potato, Coconut Sago, Pandan infused Gula Melaka
It was my beloved friend Jeanette birthday on that day and the kind staff agreed to help me write a message on the sweet crepe! There even sang a birthday song to her as they served the dessert crepe, gave her a discount card for her next visit, and the crepe was on the house!

Purple Rage was superb! Smooth ,chewy & sweet sweet potato crepe (not a typo here) , stuffed with creamy sweet potato puree & aromatic gula melaka & chewy sago. Sweetness was just right (despite the number of "sweet" I've typed out). 

For RM7, we didn't mind that the portion was much smaller compared to the savoury crepe. Each bite was marvellous.
Crepe lovers, do yourself a favour and head on to Strangers at Forty7. Desserts crepe is highly recommended. I sense that some of you are cringing over the parking problems at Section 17. But trust me, the desserts crepe here & warm hospitality by the team behind the counter will certainly make up for it. :)

Strangers at Forty7
47, Jalan 17/45,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Business Hours
Mon: 3pm- 10pm
Wed - Fri: 3pm- 10pm
Sat - Sun: 11am- 10pm
Closed on Tuesdays

Contact Number: 011-1669 5707

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Slurp Cafe, 3 Two Square PJ [CLOSED]

Being avid fans of Japanese food & animes/mangas, Guan Ren & I couldn't resist this deal on Groupon - a RM30 voucher for only RM18 at Slurp Cafe, a Japanese fusion food cafe at 3 Two Square
Slurp Cafe is located just next to Starbucks at 3 Two Square (where the famous Nadeje Mille Crepe resides). With a cute little yellow mascot with a bloated tummy (I think the yellow mascot ate the "U" on the signboard...), Slurp Cafe exudes a warm , welcoming vibe even from outside... 
Step in to Slurp Cafe, and you'll be welcomed warmly by a team of Iron Man. I kid you not, the waiters are wearing a cool-looking Iron Man T-Shirt with Slurp's iconic logo on the back of their shirt! I wouldn't mind working part time at Slurp just for the T-Shirt :P
Feast your eyes with the fantastic mural of Slurp Cafe, featuring Goku from Dragon Ball VS Superman  & Spidy VS Hulk! I wonder who will win :P
Another side of the wall plastered with classic metal vintage posters that were entertaining & amusing as well. Warning: Good laughs ahead. 
The owner of Slurp Cafe is no doubt a Marvel, DC Comic, anime & cartoon fan. We really love the decor of Slurp Cafe! We didn't mind the fact that our food was delivered slightly slower than usual, as we could kill time admiring the beautiful displays of super hero figurines, anime figurines (Shingeki no Kyoujin fans would be delighted!), Gundam Models, Bat Car, a life size Iron Man head & so much more!
And look! Slurp Cafe has one of the cutest drink menu, with anime character & superheroes donning most pages in the menu.

You can browse through the full food menu HERE. Slurp Cafe serves a wide range of Japanese food from Don (Rice bowl with assorted meat), to Ramen, to an exciting range of western delight like burgers and fish & chips, and a myriad of fusion food like Ramen Burger & Maggie Murtabak! We had a hard time deciding what to eat and we finally settled for these two: Omurice & Ramen Burger.
Lady Bechamel (S) RM14.90 (L) RM17.90
Traditional white & creamy nutty taste gravy, served with rice topped with a beautiful, golden yellow omelette. A dish highly recommended by Slurp Cafe (There's even a fake omerice display on the counter which looks disturbingly real, and a flip book cartoon on each table for one to learn how to eat an omurice)
After slicing the omelette. Look how perfectly runny the omelette is inside! (Forgive me for the not-so-photogenic photo). Fluffy, rich & creamy. A perfect match with the rice & creamy bechamel sauce. We couldn't get enough of it. Definitely a must-try!  I'd really recommend one to order the L size though. We were taken aback by the small portion of the S size omurice- the portion was really small, even to a small eater like me.
Ramen Burger (Beef) RM18.90
Perfectly grilled beef steak, drizzled with lots of sauce & condiments, topped with omelette & lettuce, and sandwiched between a ramen "bun". Served with a side of coleslaw.
"Messy" must be the middle name of this Ramen Burger. Be prepared for a mess & a mouth watering experience while devouring this burger. The ramen "bun" wasn't too hard as I initially feared nor overly soggy. It has a texture that is just nice, a little crispy on the outside, nice & springy on the inside.

The beef burger patty wasn't a real burger patty- it was a beautiful slice of beef steak cooked medium well that retained a little bit of pinkish-ness inside. One bite and I was hooked on the tenderness and juciness of the beef steak, which paired up perfectly with the creamy sauce & omelette and the ramen "bun". Only qualm was the raw onions inside the burger which had an extremely pungent taste which I personally disliked. I am usually fine with raw onions but the onse in this burger was too pungent for me to handle.

An extremely filling burger, I have to emphasis. If you're a small eater I'd recommend you to share this with a partner :)
Tiramisu FOC
After our meal, one of the Iron Man cleared our table, and presented to us this! A complementary slice of Tiramisu Cake (with a Doraemon on the left, & "Itadakimasu Susuru" (Translation: Eat Up! Slurp) written on the top of the plate using chocolate sprinkles!) 
Free food tends to taste better, no? And of course, it taste even better when so much effort was put in for a 5 Star Plating decoration. Okay jokes aside :P Time for a proper review.

The Ladies Finger layer had the right amount of softness & firmness, it wasn't overly soft & mushy nor too hard. The espresso-infused ladies finger layer was sandwiched between creamy layer of cream, & topped with crunchy walnut that was coated with rich, sweet caramel, had a perfect balance of texture (creamy & crunchy) & taste (bitter & sweet). Worth the calories? A big fat YES!

We were quite impressed with our first visit to Slurp so we decided to drop by for lunch on a weekday.
We went for their set lunches which are reasonably priced (most sets are priced below RM15) and the set comes with a drink (choice of Green Tea or Rice Tea) & a side Salad or Miso Soup.
A simple salad consisting of shredded cabbage, chopped onions & cherry tomatoes, drizzled with Japanese sesame dressing.

Omelette Wrap Rice RM12.90
Fried Rice wrapped with omelette drizzled with ketchup, served with a side of karage (Fried Chicken)
The portion of the omelette wrap rice is more than double of the omurice, but it comes with a much lower price tag , which certainly was a delight! A hearty & extremely filling meal (and it comes with a crunchy on the outside & tender on the inside chicken karage!)

If we were to choose between the omu rice and omelette-wrap rice, we'd go for the omu rice. The higher ratio of the fluffy omelette to rice works better for us. Nevertheless, both are still good in their own way.
Burger (Prawn) RM12.90
Choice of Beef, Chicken, Fish or Prawn burger patty, sandwiched in between fresh crisp lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and a soft & fluffy charcoal bun.
The prawn patty compose of a smashed patty with real prawn meat and crab sticks, with a crunchy breaded crust to give it an extra delightful crunch. A delightful treat indeed, but it would be better if there were more sauce in the burger as it felt a little dry. The fries too on the other hand, was underseasoned & slightly overcooked, thus lead to a over-crunchy texture which I couldn't bring myself to finish.

Verdict: A must-visit for comic/anime/manga lover. Don't miss out on their delightful omurice! Come on a weekday afternoon for the best deals.

Slurp Cafe
Dataran 3 Two,
No.2, Jalan 19/1,
46300 Petaling Jaya.

Business Hours:
Tue - Fri: 8am- 11pm
Sat - Sun: 9am- 11pm

Contact No: 03 - 7497 1367

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Absolute Coffee Stop, SS15 [closed]

First & Foremost, I'd like to apologize for my long hiatus- reason being 1. I was busy spending my last week of holidays with my loved ones and 2. My laptop had some problems connecting to the internet (which, my dad just got it fixed, thank goodness!). 

A while ago, Guan Ren & I paid a visit to Absolute Coffee Shop, a months old coffee shop at the cafe-saturated SS15, that is located just right next to Coffea Coffee
The neon green signboard makes Absolute Coffee Shop easy to spot from far. I've read from blogs that the owner of Absolute Coffee Shop was from Artisan Coffee!
The interior of Absolute Coffee Shop was different from what I expected. The interior perfectly incorporated the industrial metal x concrete elements in their design.
 I love how the concrete wall (which, sort of looks like walls made out of steal) blend in perfectly with their barrel-shaped wooden table & black sofa seat alongside with some greens (potted plants & also the abstract art on the wall!) 
A pretty cool clock hanging on their concrete-metallic-lookalike wall, anyone knows where I can get this clock?
An eye-catching abstract art on the wall next to the staircase, leading to the second floor. There was a club meeting going on on the second floor at the night of our visit unfortunately, so we didn't really get a good glimpse of it. 
A marvellous Coffee Bean Art done by the staffs behind the counter of Absolute Coffee Stop!
The team behind the counter were friendly & always ready to assist if you need help. Absolute Coffee Shop only serves coffee, tea (Tea bags from Teapigs!) & dessert for now. FOC self-service drinking water is also available, next to the dessert display :) 
Our order: Chocolate Tart RM10 & Latte RM10.50
Latte RM10.50
Smooth & velvety, texture just right for my liking
Chocolate Tart RM10
Saw this beauty sitting in the dessert corner and it was love at first sight. I knew I had to try it. Served warm with a molten, goey & rich chocolate centre, encrusted with a crumbly & aromatic chocolate cookie crust, a must-try for chocolate lovers! A perfect pair-up with a cup of coffee.

Absolute Coffee Stop
A9-G, Jalan SS15/4D,
Subang Jaya

Business Hours:
Mon - Thu: 10am-12am
Fri - Sat: 10am-2am
Sun: 10am- 12am

Contact Number: 03-5612 2893

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