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Wang Zi Mix Rice 什饭王子, Taipan USJ

Being someone who goes cafe hopping regularly, I often receive remarks like "wah you so rich hor" etc. etc. from friends. Truth is, I'm not.

#1. Guan Ren & I don't eat much so we often share, making our bill, less hefty
#2. Back in my college days, I often pack my own lunch
#3. If I didn't pack my own lunch, I'd dapao Chap Fan (Economy Rice) from a store nearby my college which usually only cost me RM2-3.

Sooo the money I saved from bringing my own lunch/ having chap fan is transferred to my "Cafe Hopping Funds" LOL! I love eating Chap Fan- there's so much variety of dishes to choose from and you get to control your portion.

Photo taken from Wang Zi Mix Rice 什饭王子 FB page
So I was pleased to find out that a Chap Fan "Specialist" store has just open in Taipan USJ which is only a stone throw from my place!

Cleanliness? CHECK! The floor were clean, tables and chairs free from bits of food, and the place was well-lit and joy, look at the number of fans inside!

We took a peek into the kitchen, and was relieve as the cooking was done in the premises, not in the back alley as some restaurants might do.

More than 60 types of dishes are served daily at Wang Zi Mix Rice, and the dish varies every day, from the cooking method like braising, deep-fried, steamed..., to the sauce used. Customers can choose to have white rice, or brown rice for the health-conscious, or no rice for the dieters XD

For lunch, the best time to visit Wang Zi Mix Rice is between 11am-12.30pm, because this is the time where most of the dish are prepared and served. Food always taste better when it is hot, no? :)

For dinner, the dishes are served from 4pm onwards.

Here's a snippet of what they serve

My favourite veggies- Pumpkin! Love how well-cooked this dish was, tender, but not mushy, with the right amount of sweetness. I could just eat this whole tray for lunch! 
Deep Fried 3 layer meat. This was tad too oily for me
Marmite Chicken, a staple for me whenever I have Chap Fan
Sambal Petai! I love it when the meat>vegies hehe :P
Fried Chicken
Kam Heong Lala!
Bitter Groud
Braised Eggs and Tofu! This taste like those that comes together with Braised Duck (Lor Ak) :)
Chicken cooked with spring onions!
French Beans and Laddies Finger
Taufu with meat! This was my favourite dish ^_^
 Bean Sprout!
Potato Salad! I was surprised to see this but I thought it was great, incorporating different dishes to pleased all walk of life :) 
Chinese Style Pork Trotter
Oyster Mushroom 
 Lap Cheong
Curry Fish Ball!
Free soup of the day is provided for customers! The soup is rotated daily for more varieties :)
FOC Chinese Tea & Sky Juice is provided too! Want something sweet instead? Wang Zi Mix Rice is currently having a promotion where all packet drinks (Soya Bean, Chrysanthemum Tea etc) is only priced at RM1!
The dishes we tried- I'd say that I was pretty satisfied with most of the dishes. There were some hits and isses, but I'm glad to say that most of the dishes were not too oily nor salty. :) But with the price tag, I wouldn't complain much.

A plate of Zap Fan usually cost between RM5-RM6, depending on the number of dishes and the portion you took. Would definitely drop by here often ! :D 

Wang Zi Mix Rice 什饭王子
36, Jalan USJ 10/1B, 
USJ Taipan, Subang Jaya,

Business Hours:
10am-9pm Daily

Contact Number: 017-216 6462
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