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TWG Tea Saloon & Boutique, Pavilion KL

Ahh afternoon tea. Pure enjoyment. If you've been following my blog for a while, you'd know that I am a huge fan of Afternoon Tea, after my visits to Piano Lounge at Grand Dorsett Subang, Maison Francaise at KL and Ten28 Boutique Cafe at Desa Sri Hartamas
 TWG, a tea boutique that is synonymous to afternoon tea and scones has been on my mind for quite some time. However, I've never set foot into TWG because it looks so...."atas". Hahah, you get what I mean ;)

And here comes a fateful Saturday evening, where my family & I went shopping at Bukit Bintang area. We were supposed to head home after an early dinner but my parents were busy running up and down doing some Aussie Dollar shopping for my brother who will be heading to Melbourne for student exchange my brother declared that he was bored of waiting and said he wanted to go TWG yumcha.
Me being me, said that I want to tag along (impulsively). Bro checked his wallet , and said "OKAY" and in we go lol!
A friendly lady, dressed in a sleek black slacks and vest greeted us at the entrance, and guide us into the dining area through the well-polished floors,walking past shiny tea pots and fancy-looking tins of tea sitting on the sleek golden glass shelf display.
The dining area. Each table has a white table clothe spread across it, with shiny, well-polished cutleries and dainty tea cup placed neatly on it. Luckily for us, we got a table in the middle of the dining area, away from the transparent glass divider separates the mall and the dining area that somehow makes me feel "naked" to shoppers and passer-bys :P In fact, I thought that the environment was really tranquil, peaceful and quiet. a perfect place to unwind after a hectic shopping spree :) 

When we flipped through the tea list, we were stunned. The list of teas available was 8 pages long lol! There were the familiar Ceylon Tea, Earl Grey, and also so many unfamiliar names!

So we went according to my brother's logic- just order anything that is priced at RM19 (the lowest price of tea available) that has a weird/unique name. LOL!

Napoleon Tea RM19
The tea is served in TWG's signature golden tea pot (which cost about RM500+, you can bring one home, if you can afford it, that is), and is non-refillable. I heard that you can't share a pot of tea if you order their tea set but because we ordered ala-carte so sharing was allowed.

Brother's logic was spot on- Napoleon Tea was really good! Aromatic with a natural sweet scent (no sugar added!0, it made me felt like all these while I have been drinking peasant's tea- okay no just kidding I was just exaggerating that part but honestly, it was really good!

Our ordered arrived shortly after they served us our tea. We wanted to have their tea time set but sadly, it was only available between 2pm-6pm (It was almost 7pm at that time) so we ordered ala-carte as mentioned earlier. I was pleasantly shocked when they served our tea-time treat to us, I wasn't expecting them to serve it in a three-tier stand. :) 5 star for presentation hehe :P

Scones RM13.50 (Two pieces, served with Jam and Cream)
Truth to be told, the scones were a let-down. The texture was okay, crumbly and loose, but there was an unpleasant bitter after they've put in too much baking soda into the scones :( By far the most expensive scones I had, but it wasn't up to par.
Madeleine RM13.50 (3 pieces)
I became crazy over Madeleine after I had one at Maison Francaise during Guan Ren's birthday. Pleased to say the Madeleines at TWG did not disappoint! Soft on the inside, and a little crusty on the outside. Just a little, just crusty enough to give it a slight crisp, but not too crispy for it to loose its cake-y texture. The madeleines also was infused with a tinge of aromatic earl grey taste. Ahhhh, lovely :)
Clotted Cream & Jam
The cream was light & fluffy, not too sweet, just the way I like it! Was quite surprised that the jam given was actually lemon jam! It has a fine balance between sweet and sour, and goes with the scones pretty well.
Macaroons RM5 each
Mum saw us enjoying our tea and scones so she dragged dad in :P They both ordered a pot of tea and two pieces of macaroons. The purple was Passion Fruit flavour and the Maroon colour was...vanilla, I think. Mum complained that it was way too sweet for her liking.
Colourful macaroons available at TWG!
Our bill came up to RM51 (excluding Macaroons). Not as expensive as I thought it'd be actually :P (I was prepared to fork out at least RM50 per pax). I certainly had a great experience at TWG! The service was pleasant too (yay for not discriminating poor kids LOL!) . A perfect place if you really appreciate tea :)

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique
P2.11.00, 2.34.01 & 2.34.02
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur 
55100 Kuala Lumpur,Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours:
10am-10pm Daily

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