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Marufuku Udon, Jaya One

Now when it comes to Japanese Food, what is the first thing that cross your mind? Sushi? Sashimi? Ramen? Udon? Tenpura? Or is it, EXPENSIVE? No doubt that Japanese Food has been deemed expensive by us Malaysians, as an average Japanese meal with a cup of Ocha would range from RM20...and above, depending on what you order.

So I was delighted to find an Udon shop selling really reasonably priced Udon at Jaya One. Marufuku Udon
Marufuku Udon is the sister company of the famous Sanuki Udon at Taman Desa & Kota Kemuning which is famous for their super cheap Udon (price of a bowl of Udon is as low as RM5! No kidding!). Guan Ren & I paid a visit before to Taman Desa's Sanuki Udon once but I did not blog about it as my camera was out of battery, hence the lack of decent photos.

When I stumbled upon this deal on Groupon for Marufuku Udon, I purchased it without thinking twice.
Obtained from Marufuku Udon's Facebook Page
Obtained from Marufuku Udon's Facebook Page
It was a delight, scanning through Marufuku Udon's menu. The most expensive bowl of Udon or Don costs only RM13! And you only need to top-up RM1 for a drink (Green Tea, Lime Green Tea or Lemon Tea) for each main ordered. No joke! Plus, I purchased two of Marufuku Udon's RM20 voucher so my bill was 40% cheaper! *Cheapskate mode activated* 

Here's what me & my family had for the night
Spicy Squid RM5
Crunchy on the outside & juicy on the inside. A sinful delight which leave me coming back for more. Would have been better if a dipping sauce was provided though cause it felt a little too dry eating it on its own.
Salt & Pepper Octopus RM5
Delightful crackling sound echoed through the restaurant as I chewed the juicy octopus tentacles. Oops. Where else can you get such a delightful treat for just RM5?

House Salad with Sesame Dressing RM5
Shredded White Cabbage, Carrot and Cucumber, garnished with chopped shallots served with a bowl of goma (Sesame) dressing.
I was expecting them to serve us a small bowl of salad as it is only RM5 but boy, I was wrong! This big bowl was suffice for 3 of us to share, and could even serve as a main for the health-conscious.  
Gyuniku Udon RM12
Thinly sliced beef, onsen tamago on a bed of springy, slippery, bouncy & chewy udon that was simply irresistible. The best homemade udon I've ever tasted. The thinly sliced beef were perfectly marinated, mix it up with the creamy egg, and boom, an everlasting pleasant memory at my taste buds. Simply the perfect bowl of udon.
Gyuniku Nabe RM13
Thin Beef Slice, Egg & Udon served with soy sauce broth in a hot stone pot.
The broth was flavourful, with each sip packed with a subtle yet well-balanced sweetness from the soy sauce. I enjoyed the broth till the last sip, along side with the springy noodles and flavourful & tender beef slice.
Kare Omu Rice RM9
Japanese Rice topped with a soft & fluffy omelette, served with a side of Japanese curry.
The creamy & fluffy blankets the fluffy (overusing the word fluffy, I know) rice perfectly. The savoury & thick japanese curry, that was rich & aromatic & packed with carrots & potatoes bits complements the fluffy rice and creamy omelette perfectly. Ahhh, comfort food.

I was so satisfied with my dinner, I dragged Guan Ren to try out Marufuku Udon with me again last Friday. For the price paid & quality of food served, I am really contented with Marufuku Udon. Only qualm was the place gets a little too crowded during peak hour and the service was a little slow.

Marufuku Udon
Block L, Unit 18, Level G,
Phase 1, Jaya One
No 72-A, Jalan Universiti,
46000 Petaling Jaya

Contact Number: 603- 7957 6368

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