Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Luk Yu Tea House 陸羽茶館, Starhill Gallery

Father's Day 2014, I decided to treat my dad (& of course the whole family) to a 8-dish Dim Sum Meal at the renowned Luk Yu Tea House 陸羽茶館 located at Starhill Gallery, KL because there was a really worthy deal on Groupon Malaysia where the price for one pax is only RM25! Quite a steal, don't you think? And Luk Yu is a famous dim sum restaurant that hails all the way from Hong Kong too ;)

(Link to the deal HERE)

Luk Yu Tea House is located at Feast Village,where most gourmet restaurants are located at the lowest floor of Starhill Gallery. From the outside, one would definitely be at awe of its charming traditional latticed window and stained glass window panels.
Step into Luk Yu Tea House and you'll be further devoured by its rustic charms. Beautifully crafted Chinese wooden chair (which dad couldn't help it but to knock on it so many times, admiring it's strength and beauty), well-polished marble table top, posh-looking Chinese lantern, beautifully crafted meticulously and the old school tiles.

One even get to catch a glimpse of the chefs at work with its unique open kitchen concept.
We really felt like as if we were transported back to the olden days in Chinese, with the beautiful charm & aura inside Luk Yu.
Even the porcelain tableware lay on the marble table top has its own rustic and traditional charm where you won't be able to find elsewhere easily nowadays.
Pu Er RM19 per pot
Our set was not inclusive of drinks so we had to order a pot of tea. A pot of tea can be refilled and share among families :)
Appetizer of the Day
Pickled cucumber, carrots and pineapples. Refreshing & tender with a sourish after dish, a perfect dish to kick-start our appetite!
Fried rice with prawns and salted egg yolk
Fluffy and fragrant, I couldn't help it but to have a second and third serving, which I rarely do! (diet ahem diet). The fried rice has a nice & aromatic "wok hei" that tempted me to go for one bite after another, along with the tender and succulent chunks of chicken and prawns with the subtle taste of salted egg yolk. Marvelous!
Deep fried prawns with superior honey sauce
The prawns were wonderful! One bite and I was hooked on the tender and fresh prawns that were marinated with a sweet and savoury superior honey sauce that left a memorable taste lingering on my taste buds.
Shanghainese Sizzling Dumpling
Pan-fried dumplings with minced chicken and shallots stuffing. The crispy dumpling skin was a total contrast to the sizzling hot tender minced meat stuffing marinated to perfection, which was a delight to the taste bud.
Deep fried yam puff with chicken and mushroom
Crispy & light crust encasing a generous amount of savoury yam filling. While I enjoyed the flavourful yam filling I thought that the crust (albeit crunchy), was a little too greasy for me.
Steamed Bei Jing chicken dumpling
As I bite through the soft and smooth dumpling skin, an unpleasant taste unravel and I couldn't bring myself to finish the dumpling. I didn't really enjoy this dim sum dish due to the unpleasant taste :(
Steamed chicken and prawn dumpling "siew mai"
The best non-halal Siew Mai I have ever tasted. Gosh the prawns were so tender & bouncy & fresh! Encased with minced meat and a silky smooth layer of dumpling skin, topped with a little prawn roe, this little dumpling definitely won my heart & taste buds.
Dessert of the Day- Mango Sago
Fresh, creamy & smooth mango puree with a sweetness that is just nice, a sweet ending to our wonderful dim sum meal. If I'm not mistaken, yoghurt is used instead to obtain the creamy & smooth texture of this mango sago which I thought was wonderful. My parents didn't really enjoyed it as they claimed that it tasted a little weird.

There were some hit and misses, but the hit overshadows the misses (the fried rice and siew mai is just love!) & Luk Yu Tea House definitely made it to my favourite Halal Dim Sum restaurant list :) The attentive waiters and rustic & charming interior were definitely another plus point!

Luk Yu Tea House 陸羽茶館
Starhill Gallery 181,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Starhill Gallery,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours :
Mon – Sat : 12pm – 11pm
Sun & Public Holidays : 10am – 11pm
Last Order: In-Restaurant Dining 10.45pm

Contact Number: +603 – 2782 3850
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