Thursday, 17 July 2014

Fisherman Cove, Starhill Gallery

To continue striving & be motivated, one have to reward themselves, right?

After working like a zombie every day, chasing after my 5pm bus home, I (finally) gotten my pay check from my part-time job!  I decided to splurge on, ahem, what a typical food blogger would, FOOD.

So this brings me & Guan Ren to this posh restaurant which I've been eyeing on from some time: Fisherman Cove.
Fisherman's Cove was shortlisted in the Best Seafood Restaurant category of the Time Out KL Food Awards 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Located in FEAST Village of Starhill Gallery (The same area as Luk Yu Tea House), one shall expect the price to be on the steep side.

No, my salary is not that high. Thanks to the RM80 voucher for only RM39 deal on Living Social, I get to save more than 50% :P I bought two vouchers (RM160 value) for only RM78 , which was really a steal.
Like other eateries at Starhill Gallery's FEAST Village, the interior left me in awe.

The whole restaurant is decorated like a Malay traditional fishing boat, with the bamboo walls and semi-opaque fishing sails, adorned with traditional cane fishing traps & straw hars surrounding the "boat" aka the dining area. Tanks of fishes surrounds the open kitchen, where curious patrons get to take a peak of how their food is being prepared. 

Let us begin our sail of gastronomical delight

Complementary Bread Platter
Two pieces of wholemeal bread with healthy seeds & a plain brioche bread. A simple, warm & fluffy bread to kick start our appetite on this sail of wonderful seafood delight.
Olive Oil & Vinegar dip
Oven-Baked Fillet Barramundi with Vegetables and Mushrooms RM68
Flaky yet tender & fresh, with a crisp skin. It was definitely the best fish dish I've ever tasted! The fish was lightly seasoned, as it was already so fresh & good on its own.
Steamed seasonal vegetables. The vegies were definitely not the spotlight of the dish but it was well executed & fresh as well :)
Blackened Fillet of Red Snapper with Louisiana Potato and Citrus Alioli RM58
"Firecracker in my mouth"- how I'd describe this dish. We were warned by the waiters beforehand that this dish is quite spicy.I gushed mouthfull of water down my throat after my first bite. But gosh, it was fantastic! Loved the spicy sauce marinating the fresh fish which delivered a punch and spicy sensation to my taste buds! Be prepared with glasses of water but it was totally worth getting your tongue burnt by the spicy sauce.
The fresh crisp green salad that comes with the dish. Love how they throw citrus in to balance out the sourish dressing, creating a fine balance of taste & flavours.
Tea Smoked Salmon Timbale Scented with Konbu & Sesame RM38
It was supposed to be our appetizer but it was the last dish that was served. Never mind that, as this dish was a delight! Save the best for the last, right ;) The fresh, thick slices of smoked salmon gave my taste buds a smoky BBQ taste sensation that was truly memorable.

I really applaud Fisherman's Cove for their fresh & divine seafood, beautiful plating of their dishes, big portion of their food, as well as their rustic & romantic setting.

However, I'd really like to point out the inconsistency of the service at Fisherman Cove. We were treated with warm hospitality by one of the staffs who was really efficient in refilling our H2O, and even asking us our feedback and making sure we were satisfied with our meal. However, there was a particular staff that was rather grumpy- she didn't smile when she greeted us & showed us our seats, & was rather snappy when she was taking down our order.

Other than that we had a really great sail at Fisherman's Cove :) Our bill totalled up to about RM190, so we had to top up another additional RM30 as our voucher's value is only worth RM160.

Fisherman’s Cove
LG 10, Feast Floor
Starhill Gallery
181 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours :
12pm – 1am Daily

Contact Number: +603-2782 3848

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