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An Amazing One Day Trip to Melaka

Finally, our long awaited road trip to Melaka.
Guan Ren & I had been planning this road trip for months and it finally came true! We had plenty of time for research so I even came up a list of places to makan at FourSquare. You can check it out HERE hehe :)
We departed at 9am (zombie time for Guan Ren, which explains the photo) and we reached Melaka at 11am. Found a parking in front of Hallmark Hotel and we walked for about 10 minutes to Jonker Street using Google Maps :)

Our first stop, The Baboon House for gourmet burgers!

We initially wanted to have Chicken Rice Balls/ Dim Sum but all the dim sum where sold out and the line for the Chicken Rice Balls were too long :(
Ranked #1 out of 343 restaurants in Melaka on Trip Advisor, The Baboon House is a restaurant with a artistic facade that eludes an irresistible charm. The Baboon House is one of the most mysterious , yet beautiful restaurant that one will ever come across..
Photography is not allowed inside the Baboon House, which was really a pity as the interior was impressive- impressive beyond words, one will have to see it with their own eyes to get what I mean :) The compound of the Baboon House is far larger than I expected, and it was separated into several segments and parts, where each segments has its own theme like "garden" and "forest". 

Word of advice don't forget to pay a visit to their washroom :P Take a slow stroll on your way there hehe.
Aloha Beef RM19.90
Beef patty, bacon, grilled pineapples, lettuce, cheese stuffed all in a humble burger bun, served with a side of onion rings, wedges and mashed potatoes.

Since we're on a food trip Guan Ren & I just shared one burger. Kinda regretted it cause the beef patty was just mad juicy! One bite and the juice just come oozing out, tempting us to devour it further. The smoky BBQ taste of the patty and bacon lingered on my taste buds, striking a perfect balance with the creamy cheese and sweet grilled pineapples. A perfect combo.

The Baboon House
No.89, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock
75200 Melaka
2nd stop, Durian Puff from TasteBetter!
Yes, yes, I know, there's a Taste Better stall in Sunway Pyramid. But, they don't sell durian puffs individually at Pyramid's branch- you're forced to buy at least 6 (one box).
RM2.50 each. Rich with custard and durian taste, a perfect snack on a hot humid day because it's so cold and creamy inside! No pictures cause Guan Ren popped it into his mouth after we paid LOL.
The heat was really getting to us so we got a bottle of fruit tea (1 for RM4, 3 for RM10) from the vendors around Jonker Street. You'll see plenty of these kind of vintage & retro stalls in Jonker Street to quench your thirst.
Wanted to keep the beautiful glass bottle as a souvenir so badly but it'd be too much of a hassle for us as we still had a long day ahead and we were too lazy to walk back to our car under the blazing sun :(

Next stop, Maggie Factory at Jonker Street!
DIY Maggie Cup for only RM3.50! :) However, you only get to choose either Curry or Assam flavour. A myriad of coloured Sharpies are provided for one to unleash his creativity. We were the only "above 10" in the room , colouring and designing our own Maggie Cup :P
Our end product with three penguins!
After that, bring the cup to the machine area to get it filled and sealed. We get to choose up to 5 different fillings!
The cup was plastic-wrapped and run through the oven twice to make the plastic wrap cling on to the maggie cup.
Final Product! 
Had it for supper during one of our movie night at Guan Ren's place. The DIY Maggie Cup has more fillings than the regular ones :) Take note though the DIY Maggie Cup expiry date is approx one month after your DIY-ed date.

 Lung Ann is located just a stone throw away from the famous chicken rice shop duo.
Make your order before you hunt for a seat as you'll most likely be told to wait for a long time. Make sure you order adequately as you are not allowed to add-on later on.
 You're advised not to come with an empty stomach. We waited for our satays for about 45 minutes>. But fear not if you're hungry- you'll see aunties/uncle walking around selling puffs and kuih(s) like this spiral curry puff with egg that only cost us RM1 :)
Pork Satay RM0.70 per stick
By far the best pork satay I've ever tried. Tender and succulent meat, encased in a pleasant smoky & aromatic buttery taste. It was soo good I just had in on its own, without dipping into the peanut sauce. Gosh, we should have ordered more!

Lung Ann Refreshment
93/807, Lorong Hang Jebat,
75200 Melaka
Walked across the river for some tourist photo-taking session.
Fourth Stop: Coffee Break at Halia Inc
"What's a trip without coffee?" - Jia Qi-
Halia is located by Melaka River (just opposite Casa Del Rio) . We get to enjoy a scenic view of the river while enjoying our cuppa :)
From Left: Mocha RM10, Latte RM10
The beans used at Halia Inc is supplied by RAW Coffee :)

Halia Inc
1 Jalan Merdeka, Melaka.
Mandatory grafiti background shot at Halia!

Took a short strol up the hills to the A Famosa Fort...
 It was really hard getting a decent photo cause there was so many tourists around lol! And there were so many make-shifts stalls around the fort photobombing!

What's Melaka without photos at A Famosa? :P

Dinner at Pak Putra Restaurant!
We were advice to go early (on travel sites) as this place gets really crowded during dinner & supper time. So we beat the crowd by arriving at 6pm when they've just open.
The menu.
Chicken Tandoori RM8
The BEST TANDOORI CHICKEN I've ever tried in my whole life. No kidding. The chicken was soooo tender and succulent it is almost unbelievable. I requested for breast meat, which usually has a tougher texture but the tandoori chicken at Pak Putra totally prove me wrong!
Cheese Naan RM3
Cheddar cheese filling. The Naan was okay I supposed. Light and airy, with a crispy exterior. 

Pak Putra Tandoori & Naan
Jalan Laksamana 4,
75200, Melaka.

Before we left, we took a short stroll along Jonker's Street night market and bought some street snacks but no photos cause my hands were dirty from the oily and sinful treats :P 
Thank you Guan Ren for the wonderful trip ♥ Too bad we didn't have enough time & tummy to complete our to-do list haha :P  
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