Sunday, 1 June 2014

Uncle Jang, Garden Shoppe One City [closed]

Dak- GALBI! My all-time favourite Korean food! And when it comes to Dak Galbi, the first shop that crosses my mind is UNCLE JANG! You can read about my review for Uncle Jang, Bandar Puteri Puchong HERE!
And now, Uncle Jang has a branch that is closer to home, at the Garden Shoppe @ One City, Subang Jaya, I need not to travel to Bandar Puteri to enjoy a delightful Dak-Galbi meal :D 

Like any other Uncle Jang restaurant, the branch in One City opens 365 days, for lunch & dinner. The One City Branch is located at the second floor, at the far end corner of the Garden Shoppe. 
The One City's branch is relatively smaller than Bandar Puteri's branch, but I'd prefer One City's branch over the later. The walls are decorated with cute stickers of flowers, fence, cats, which gives this place a happy & joyous vibrant. And this outlet is much cleaner too, and not to mention the workers are really friendly :)
The menu. Good to see that the price still remains the same as my previous visits last year :)
I was there with two of my girl friends so we ordered 2 Original Spicy portion, and added on their new sari, CHEESE RICE CAKE.

As I mentioned before in my previous post, I love Korean rice cake. And who doesn't love cheese? I was so eager to try em out!
As usual, we were served with a bottle of complementary cold water, and condiments to complete our Dakgalbi experience.

Our order! You can see that the hot metal plate is so much cleaner here :P
Me looking amazed by the Dak Galbi :P
Be careful of the smoke which might cause irritant to your eyes! And also hot splatter too!
In about 10 minutes time, the Dak Galbi is ready to be served! Uncle Jang's Dak Galbi never fails to amaze me- so flavourful and leaves my mouth water uncontrollably (exaggeration, but I really love DakGalbi!)
Special highlight of the day- Cheese Rice Cake!
One bite off the soft, chewy and Q texture of the rice cake, and the hot molten cheese comes flowing out. Oh, heavenly!

Conclusion: I love Uncle Jang. But I would prefer the One City's branch over Bandar Puteri's. And their Cheese Rice Cake are to die for. :)

Uncle Jang (One City)
Garden Shoppe A-01-02 & A-01-03

Business Hours:
12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm Daily
(except Tuesday: 6pm – 11pm only)

Contact Number: 0362112536

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