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Jiro Shabu, Taipan USJ

Working life is much hectic than I thought. I feel so zombi-fied every day after work. My motivation at work is , bingo, FOOD. Thinking about good food that awaits me after work gives me strength and energy to pass through the day. Comfort food keeps me going. And one of my favourite comfort food after freezing in the office for the whole day, is Shabu Shabu.

And the Shabu Shabu restaurant closest to my home is Jiro Shabu, which I could conveniently drop by after a dreadful day at work! I was very fortunate to be invited by Mr Kam for a food tasting session at Jiro Shabu.
Jiro Shabu is located conveniently at Taipan USJ, at the same row as KFC and O' Wan Burger Haus. Why conveniently? Well cause parking is relatively easier too on that row ... :D

This was actually my second visit here. My first visit was somewhere around last year with my family. Jiro Shabu has since revamped their menu, with new food items added in. Sadly, their All-You-Can-Eat Shabu Shabu has been scraped off :(
Jiro Shabu's stylish yet homey interior made us feel at "zen" or calm,  which features a blend of wood and calming brown wallpaper on a side and white patterned wallpaper on the other side of the wall, with a touch of modernism thrown in.
Each person has their personal pot, so yay no sharing and you get to choose your desired soup base too! (Refer below for different flavours of soup base)
Feel free to grab a plate from the conveyor plate to instantly satisfy your steamboat/desserts craving! The pricing is based on the colour of the plate, like how most kaiten-sushi restaurant works :)
The various condiments available. Sweet, spicy, much spicy, chase away vampires, Jiro Shabu has it all ;)
 I was pleased to see that the selections of soup base at Jiro Shabu has increased- there's even soy milk dashi! (which, I wasn't adventurous enough to try out :P). Since everyone has their own personal pot, you need not to share and compromise on selecting your desired soup base with your friends :P

At Jiro Shabu, one can opt for their individual Shabu Shabu set, which comes with a choice of meat, carbo and a deep bowl vegetables, or share a set for two pax which are all reasonably priced :)
Not enough? Don't worry, you can always add on from the ala carte menu, or just snag a plate from the conveyor belt!
After you've done selecting your desired set/ala carte items, just write down your order, and pass it to the waiter and they will be serving you shortly :)
 Tonkotsu Pork Bone Soup RM5
Creamy tonkotsu pork bone soup, with a ouch of sweetness with the addition of Goji Berries
Was delighted to find some veggies and tofu in my soup, which enhanced the flavours and depth of the soup greatly :)
Suki Shabu Dashi
My date of the night, Jess, ordered this, she quoted , "teriyaki sauce goes well with everything!" She was right. This soup base was amazing! No matter what you cook inside this soup turns out flavourful and delightful! However, this soup might be a little too salty for some. I'm a huge fan of salty food so I drank the soup mouthfull after mouthfull heh :D

Our colourful spread for dinner. :)
And Jess, my date for the night busy being Asian :P
 Jiro Signature 8 Flavours Prosperity Fish Paste RM19.90
Wasabi, Kimchi, Ginger Seeaweed, Chilli Garlic, Cheese  Parsley, Sake, Carrot, Yuzu Lotus flavoured fish paste. A perfect dish for sharing, or those who enjoy a variety of flavours and taste.

Jess and I couldn't figure out which was which- so we just randomly try out and try to guess the flavours lol! I personally enjoyed the white one (Yuzu Lotus) and the orange one (carrot).
Jiro 5 Fortune Noodle
(Clockwise from top) Cha Soba, Kishimen, Somen, Soba & Kishimen (middle)
Perfect to those indecisive, cause you get to try them all! :P I really love the bouncy and chewy texture of the soba! But my favourite would be the kishimen, because it absorbs the flavours in the soup, giving each bite a punch of flavours. This is a must try for noodles lover! It was really fun tasting the distinctive taste and texture of the noodles :)
Sea Red Shabu Set RM60-79 (Seasonal Price)
Sea Red Snapper served with 2 free soup (worth RM5 each) and a vegetable bowl loaded with cabbage, bak choy, enoki & shitake mushrooms, sliced carrot and leek.
This set is good for 2 person. The sea red snapper was sooo fresh I could literally taste the sea! Best served with the complementary dark ponzu sauce or roasted sesame sauce which gives a tangy & sweet aftertaste.
Fresh seafood coming up!
US Large Scallop Meat RM17.90
Hokkaido Octopus RM18.90 
Can be eaten raw or cooked. I personally prefer eating this raw cause I always accidentally overcook the tentacles, resulting in a overly dense and chewy texture. Also, I thought it would be a waste, as the freshness and natural sweetness of the octopus was just there! 
Hokkaido Half Shell Scallop RM14.90
The key to a good shabu  shabu dinner is freshness- and I am glad to say that Jiro Shabu met the requirement! :D All seafood were served fresh, no revolting fishy smell at all. 
And here comes my favourite part of the meal- red meat!
Premium Pork Belly RM9.90
Premium New Zealand Lamb Shoulder RM12.90
Australian Premium Striploin RM18.90
The meats were delightfully tender! It's no wonder why they put the word "premium" in the menu :P Sliced thinly, the meat literally melted in my mouth as I embraced it. My favourite would definitely be the Australian Premium Striploin. So tender, soft and mhmmmm flavourful! Recommended to cook it in Suki Shabu Dashi. The meat was extra tender and flavourful, as it absorbs the sweetness and saltiness of the Suki Shabu Dashi.
Crystal King Prawns RM19.90
Was too full to try this haha. But it seems really fresh and delectable :)
And at the end of the meal, dessert is served- sliced watermelons and an icy cold fizzy drink mix.
I don't know what is this called, but I loved this icy cold fizzy drink mix- it was sourish with a tinge of sweetness, and I instantly felt refreshed! It was the perfect closure to our wonderful steamboat dinner.

Fresh food, flavourful broth, friendly and efficient service. I'd certainly be popping by whenever I have a steamboat craving! Once again, I'd like to thank Mr Kam for his generosity.

Jiro Shabu
7 Jalan USJ 10/1A,
Taipan Business Centre,
47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Business Hours: 
12pm-10.30pm Daily

Contact Number:+60 3-8020 6661
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