Friday, 20 June 2014

High Tea Set @ Ten28ight Boutique Cafe, Desa Sri Hartamas

Jiaaqieats current new obsession- High Tea
I love high teas, especially those that comes with a dainty tea pot set and a classic two/three tier pastry stand. I love how we could sip our tea, slowly savour our tea time treat, as time pass in a elegant & beautiful setting for high tea.
So when I saw groupon featuring a tea time set for two for only RM38, I couldn't resist and purchase it straight away. Grabbed two of my besties to accompany me for this afternoon treat last weekend.

Ten28ight boutique cafe has a vibrant facade overlooking Sprint Highway. The vibrant red facade was very welcoming, just like the friendly owner and staffs of this little humble cafe.
Stepping into Ten28ight Boutique Cafe is like stepping into someone's beautiful lawn, with the artificial grass spread across the wooden parquet floor, combination of elegant garden chairs & tables and classic wooden tables and chairs with cute little cushions for the comfort of customers, classic knick knacks and dainty china decorative items sitting on it's shelves. "Cosy" is an understatement to describe Ten28ight. This was simply the perfect cafe to spend a lazy afternoon with your loved ones.
The tea set (Original Price RM55 for two pax) comes with an old fashioned yet elegant two-tier pastry stand and is inclusive of:

Savoury pastries (RM10.80 value):
-Quiche x2
-Curry puff x2
-Samosa x2

French pastries
-Tart x2
-Parfaits x2
-Macarons x2
Drinks- choose 2 from:
-Hot coffee
-Hot tea
-Hot flower tea
One high tea set can also be shared among 3 pax (like what we did), but you'll have to add-on another drink :) 

The top tier- sweet selection. The macarons were quite good, according to my friends, not too sweet and enjoyable. The chocolate tart was a delight, with a chock full of rich, smooth & velvety chocolate encased in a crumbly short-crust base. My favourite would definitely be the parfait. The crisp, airy and light parfait crust sandwiching a light and fluffy cream with berries were simply the bomb- I love how light & airy the cream was, it wasn't too overwhelming nor cloying, just plain pleasure & enjoyment. The two little muffins-look-a-like were actually coconut cake- it was surprisingly delightful ! It has a coarse texture which I enjoyed, yet it wasn't too dry!
The bottom tier consist of the savoury section. I enjoyed both the curry puff and samosa alot- both were crispy on the outside, and bursting with pipping hot fillings that was packed with mild spiciness. The best part is, they weren't greasy at all. Extra brownie points! 
The quiche was loaded with creamy egg fillings embedded with chunks of ham,however, I find the crust a little too crumbly and dry.  
 We were entitled to any cakes of choice from the cake display. The kind waiter asked us our preference (sweet/sour/creamy) and he recommended us this Mango Cheese Cake based on our preferences (sour).
The mango cheese cake was the bomb! With a digestive biscuit base and topped with fresh passion fruit, the mango cheese cake has the right amount of sweetness, and we enjoyed the tangy & creamy sensation a lot! The mango cheese cake was leaning towards the light side, perfect for a light & guilt-free afternoon tea session.

Our drinks
All of us opted for Fruit Tea. Based on my experience working as a part time fruit tea promoter, I think the tea served was French Rose + Camomile - the perfect combination to calm one's senses. Was a little disappointed that the tea wasn't served in a traditional, dainty tea pot though.
My pretty companions of the day!
With good company and food, alongside with a cosy cafe with friendly staffs, comes a happy day :) 

Ten28ight Boutique Cafe
No. 10 G/F, Crystal Villa 2,
Desa Sri Hartamas, Jalan 22B/70A,
Kuala Lumpur 50480

Business Hours: 
12.00 pm- 8.00 pm Monday - Saturday
Closed on Sundays

Contact Number: 03-6201 2628, 03-6201 6828
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