Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Cat in the Box @ Centre For Asian Photographers, Jaya One [MOVED]

Last weekend, Guan Ren & I were on our usual coffee-place hunting. With so many new cafes sprouting around Klang Valley, it sure is hard to make a choice. Since Guan Ren & I were around Jaya One and I had a free Cream Puff Voucher for this place, we decided to check Cat in the Box @ Centre For Asian Photographers in Jaya One
whu-whaaat? Cat? Photography? Asians? Jaya One? Don't worry if you don't get the name of the place, cause we didn't too LOL. Cat in the Box is a pop-out coffee shop, located inside the Centre For Asian Photographers shop, which is in Jaya One's mall (The School).

Photography enthusiast will love this place- this place sells various photography equipments like lens,monopod tripod and they even sell creative t-shirts (like a #ootd t-shirt) and vest that makes one look like a professional photographer (even if you're not one! :P) ! There's even a corner where they provide free family portrait photoshoot, with proper lighting!
Cat in the Box's cafe space. The interior was industrial-inspired, with the unfinished cement floor and ceiling, black metal railings and a soft yellow hue lighting.

In Cat in the Box, patron can flip through a book from their library (there's a big bookshelf loaded with books!), or enjoy a game of board games with friends & family, or perhaps have a chat with the staffs for some photography tips!
The Menu
Various discounts and rebates are available so do ask the staffs before making your purchase :) !
The cream puffs are supplied by Kee's Creampuff! You can read my review about Kee's Creampuff here!
List of activities/exhibition related to photography for June
My favourite corner of the cafe- the scrap book corner. One can find various stickers, papers, decorating tape, badges, envelop etc. etc. at a very affordable price here!
Our order- and a new badge we couldn't help but to purchase it because it was overwhelmingly cute.
Cappuccino RM9
Latte RM9
Latte are all single shot unless requested
Don't forget to head on upstairs for a photography exhibition! :)

And after you're done with coffee, do check out the art-sy Jaya One! There are so many photogenic corner so bring along a camera :)

Cat In The Box Cafe
Unit 100-L1-019, First Floor,
The School, Jaya One,
No. 72A Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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