Thursday, 12 June 2014

Best Pork Pizza @ Skippy's Pizza, Phileo Damansara I


"Nothing good comes easy..." Guan Ren said, as we painstakingly trying to find a parking in Phileo Damansara I. Little did we know, that only parkings at B2 and B3 were for visitors. With our stomach grumbling as if there was a lion dance going on.

We took the lift up, and finally arrived at Skippy Pizza- the best non-halal pizza parlour in Malaysia (for jiaaqieats!)
My love towards Skippy Pizza began on a fateful day, when my dad suddenly came home from work with two boxes of pizza. He said that there is this new pizza parlour near his office (Menara Star) that is, not like other pizza joint, because they serve PORK PIZZA. Non-Halal Pizza Joint?! For now, I only know Skippy's, Dave's Bistro at 1 Utama and Michealngelo at Ipoh serves non-halal pizza. So I was really excited to try it out.

It was love at first bite. It was 10pm at night but I didn't care- I just kept fighting with my family for the last slice of pizza.

Skippy's Pizza somehow stopped delivering to Subang Jaya and my dad stopped bringing home pizzas. Plus, Skippy's doesn't open on Sundays. It's been a loooooong time since I had Skippy's and when Guan Ren suddenly suggested to go to Skippy's last Friday night- I couldn't say no.

We got lost a few times, turned into the wrong Phileo Damansara (there's Phileo Damansara I and II) and had a hard time finding parking- "good things (yummy pizza) don't come easy!" as what Guan Ren said.
And we finally arrived at Skippy's. We slumped ourself to their garden chair, which was creatively incorporated into their homey setting. The whole restaurant was painted orange, with Australian-Inspired paintings and kangaroos flags hanging over the wall.

The restaurant was empty when we were there, not surprising as Phileo Damansara is a commercial/office area and most office dweller have already gone home by 8.30pm. Fortunate patrons who stays in their Delivery Zone would have opt for delivery anyways so we had the whole place to ourself. The flies there was a nuisance though.

We made our order in a swift, because we already researched the menu online and we were starving. Pizzas are available either in 9" or 12".
English Breakfast 9" RM24 12" RM30
Egg & Bacon pizza loaded with cheese.
We went for the 9" pizza because we weren't confident we could finish a whole 12" pizza
Gorgeous. Love how the topping is thicker than the crust! The crust has an aromatic wood fire taste that leaves a pleasant after taste that lingers on my mouth. The egg was well set, not overcook nor too runny- it was lovely, and blended in perfectly with the creamy cheese. Simply the perfect pizza! However, we felt that the bacon was a little too scarce, would have been better if there's more *evil greedy grin*
Simply the best pork pizza ever! Skippy's is currently undergoing a minor renovation but business is still on as usual.

Skippys Pizza
107 Blok D
Phileo Damansara 1,
No. 9 Jalan 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara,
43650 Petaling Jaya.

Business Hours:
Sunday – Friday: 11:30am – 11:00pm
Saturday: 5:00pm – 11:00pm
Closed on Sundays

Contact Number: 03-7931 2555
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