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Signature Cafearo by Yves, 1 Shamelin Mall

I don't usually travel far for food, but when I do, it must be great.

Last Saturday, I received an invitation to attend a food tasting session at Signature Cafearo by Yves, which is located at 1 Shamelin Mall, Cheras. The name of this restaurant was quirky and a quick google search revealed that Signature Cafearo is a bakery cum cafe that serves an array of Western, local & fusion delights. Some people even claim that Signature Cafearo is the best place for lunch & dinner at 1 Shamelin Mall!

So I decided to attend this food tasting session, by hook or by crook. Being an amateur driver, I wouldn't want to drive there alone so I opted for public transport. It'll take me approx one & a half hour to reach there and I was dismayed. Luckily, Guan Ren came in to the rescue as he offered to drive me there or I would definitely not reach there on time phew!
Located at the Ground Floor of 1 Shamelin Mall at Cheras, this place is easily spotted from the outside of the mall, with it's prominent green sign board. I was told that it would be a little tricky to locate this cafe and was given Old Town White Coffee as the landmark. However I found this place right after I got out from the lift from the basement lol!
I was welcomed with warm greeting and smiles from the staffs as I stepped into Signature Cafearo. Walking further into the cafe reveals a brightly lit interior, decorated with comfy sofa chairs with vibrant colour, giving this place a lively & friendly atmosphere.

There's even an El Fresco dining area for one to just sit back and enjoy the evening breeze.
Honey Cafe Latte RM7
Being an avid coffee drinker, this unique beverage on the menu piqued my interest to try it out. The yellow liquid that sediments at the bottom of this cup is the honey. After stirring, a smooth, creamy coffee drink with a subtle honey taste is produced. I was surprised that the honey actually goes quite well with the drink. However, as I've mentioned before in my previous posts, I'd have prefer my coffee to be unsweetened. But this would be a lovely drink for one to try out :)
Fruit Juice
Signature Cafearo emphasises on healthy eating, and fruit juices are synonymous to healthy eating so an array of freshly blended juice is available there. Orange juice, apple juice....and even cucumber juice! Best of all they serve it in a tall, plump jug so it doesn't get gulped down fast :P
Strawberry Fizzy RM6.60
Strawberry puree + carbonated drink + strawberry
All of us went "oohhhh" and "ahhhh" when this drink was served to us. The different hues of colour truly impressed me! While the presentation of this drink really awe us, I find the drink a little too sweet for my liking.
Before we enter the review for the food serve at Signature Cafearo, let us feast our eyes with some colourful, beautiful, awe-struck & impressive array of bite-size dainty little desserts & baked delights!
Macaroons? Look closely, there's a hole in it! A macaroon doughnut!
Mini hokkaido cupcakes with cream!
The traditional kuih lapis
Mini Carrot Cake !
More cupcakes! This time, with mini marshmallows on it!
Mini Scones, embedded with pumpkin seeds
oooohhh, chocolate cakes! With hearts and stars!
Palvola, anyone?
And the best part is, these dainty little baked goods are priced around RM1-2 only! It doesn't burn a hole on your pocket, and it comes in bite-sizes, means there's less calories :P Perfect to curb one's craving, without bombarding your diet with 3-figure calorie count.

Diet? Can eat one ah? No worries for those who thinks this way :P Because Signature Cafearo also serves full-size desserts to curb one's cravings.
Coffee Cheese Cake RM 8.90
I was really impressed on the presentation of the cake. Signature Cafearo do put in so much effort in delighting the customers by presenting them beautifully plated food, desserts, and even drinks! Soft, creamy, but yet not overly cloying, with a subtle coffee taste.
Carrot Cake RM7.90
I didn't get to try out this carrot cake as I was too stuffed from taking a bite off almost everything served to us. The moist & dense texture of the cake (& not forgetting the fine presentation!) does seems really promising though.
Bread N Butter RM7.90
I've always loved bread pudding. The one served at Signature Cafearo definitely was a crowd-pleaser! Spongy, soft and dense. It goes very well with the sauce, that has just the right sweetness.
Roasted Mushroom Soup RM 8.90
The roasted mushroom soup served at Signature Cafearo was truly one of a kind. I was expecting the usual, cream-base mushroom soup but nope, the one served at Signature Cafearo was more like a clear soup type of soup, with bits and chunks of mushroom in every mouthfull. Each mouthfull was delightful
Summer Angel  RM 14.90
Pineapple, Honey Chicken, Bell Pepper, Papaya, Apple, Raisins, Cashew Nuts, Sundried Tomato & topped with Crispy Fried Rice Vermicelli over a bed of Lettuce with Signature Homemade Dressing
With a fancy name, I'd expect a fancy presentation and Signature Cafearo, once again impressed me. The Crispy Fried Vermicelli depict an angle's wing being spread out graciously. And the wonderful medley of colourful vegetables & fruits represents the colours of summer.

I'd give a 5 star for their presentation, but what about their taste?
A perfect 5/5 Star too!
The greens were fresh and crisps. The homemade dressing was refreshing and tangy. Instead of the usual croutons, the salad was topped with crispy fried rice vermicelli which gives the dish a unique & distinctive crunch.
Vast Ocean Salmon Salad RM 15.90
Smoked Salmon, Cherry Tomato, Capers, Onion, Asparagus, Pumpkin Seeds & Cucumber over a bed of Lettuce with Sour Mayo
Another 5 Star Presentation from Signature Cafearo. Being a salmon lover, I'd prefer this salad over the later. Like Summer Angle, this salad features a fresh & crisps medley of vegetables, drizzled with the tangy sour may.

Oceanic Secret Night  RM 18.90
Sliced Smoked Salmon, Caviar, Capers, Pumpkin Cubes & Sundried Tomato stir fried with Black Olive Paste
My jaw literally dropped when I read the description of this pasta. Caviar...? Smoked Salmon..? Aren't these ingredients....expensive? And look at the pasta, it is literally covered with smoked salmon (that was beautifully folded into the shape of a rose) and veggie cubes! And the price..RM18.90 only?

Despite the relatively affordable price charged for this plate of pasta, Signature Cafearo definitely did not compromise on the quality, and quantity of condiments of the pasta. The spaghetti was cooked till perfection. Each strand of noodle was coated with their aromatic pesto sauce. And oh, I don't think I need to go further elaborating about the condiments and toppings. Fresh, generous, and delightful. This dish was perfect.
Smoked Duck Pesto Fettuccine RM 17.90
Smoked Duck, Cherry Tomato, Sundried Tomato & Sesame cooked with Homemade Pesto Sauce.
I love smoked duck. Especially those melt-in-the-mouth type of smoked duck, like the one served here. The smoked duck pesto definitely hit the spot!
Soft Shell Crab + Ham Cheese Bake Eggs Rice - RM 19.90
Soft Shell Crabs lovers! Check out how big the portion of soft shell crab on the rice! This dish is served on a hot stone bowl, to ensure the cheese is still in its molten form when served. I really like the concept of serving it on a pipping hot stone bowl as the dish does not get cold fast, even if I am busy being an Asian-At-Work, snapping my bowl of rice from different angle :P

The baked rice was creamy, yet not overly cloying. The crispy soft shell crab was a contrast to the baked rice, so delightful and crunchy. I don't feel guilty at all after having this cheesy baked rice as it was loaded with vegetables. 
Soft Shell Crab Mustard Mayo Wrap - RM 13.90
Again, like the portion of soft shell crab served on the Baked Rice, the wrap was generously stuffed with the crunchy soft-shell crab. Each mouthfull was filled with crunch, and a spicy & tangy taste. The wrap is served with wedges, that wasn't oily at all, to munch on.
Smoke Salmon & Spinach Quiche RM 15.90
The big slice of quiche is served with a side of salad and tangy dressing. The quiche was creamy and light. The spinach and smoked salmon blended together with the quiche perfectly. A dish that works well as a starter, or even a main :)
And meet the wonderful chef who behind these magnificent creation- Chef Yves. He was really friendly and made sure we were satisfied with our meal.

And we were also given the chance to sign on the wall! :D 

I enjoyed the healthy food & delightful desserts served at Signature Cafearo. The food served there are all cooked with fresh & high quality ingredients such as olive oil. Food wasn't overly seasoned, nor too salty/oily.

I will definitely drop by Signature Cafearo again if I'm around that area! Thank you Signature Cafearo for the warm hospitality and delicious food! And also Guan Ren for driving me there :P

Signature Cafearo By Yves
C-G-03A, Ground Floor,
1 Shamelin Shopping Mall,
100, Jalan 4/91,
Taman Shamelin Perkasa,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours:

Contact Number: 03-9286 6811

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