Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Rice Burger @ Sushi King!

Burgers, burgers, burgers every where! You've seen it all, burgers with the conventional bun, sesame bun, red yeast bun, vege bun, black charcoal bun...but have you tried RICE BURGER before?
From the 1st of May till 30th of June 2014, Sushi King Malaysia will be serving delightful & healthy rice burgers. I jumped with joy when I received an invitation from Sushi King to try out & savour all their yummy-looking rice burger! I've tried rice burgers once and it was a memorable experience- so I was really eager to try out Sushi King's rice burgers. 

Priced from a very affordable figure of RM6, diners get to choose from 5 delightful fillings to go with the grilled rice patty. Feeling hungry? No worries! By topping up RM6, diners get to upgrade their burgers to a set that comes with Miso Soup & Pumpkin Fries.
Pumpkin Fries
My face literally lit up when I heard about this. I love pumpkins, be it pumpkin soup, pumpkin panna cotta, pumpkin bread...etc.etc. So I was pretty excited to try this ou as I've never tried pumpkin fries before.

It was a delight. The pumpkin fries was crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy inside. It tasted really good on its own as it has a subtle sweet pumpkin taste.
Miso Soup
Chicken Katsu Rice Burger RM6
Deep fried panko chicken, sandwiched between two rice patties, lettuces and drenched with Japanese mayo.
The deep fried panko chicken was juicy, tender and succulent, encased with a crispy crust. I was surprised how well
Saba Teriyaki Rice Burger RM8
The Saba (Mackerel) was perfectly marinated- the smoky taste of the grilled saba lingers at my taste buds as I take a bite of this wonderful rice burger. A must-try for saba lovers.
Yakiniku Rice Burger RM7
My favourite pick for the night. The thin slices of beef teriyaki was so soft and tender, it literally melted in my mouth. Don't let the size fool you- the rice burger was really filling & satisfying.
Salmon Rice Burger RM8
Fresh salmon steak grilled to perfection, marinated with sweet teriyaki sauce, accompanied with two rice patties with lettuce and tangy Japanese Mayo.
Salmon Wasabi RM9
Grilled Salmon Belly, served with fresh wasabi, lettuce and two grilled rice patty.
Love Wasabi? You have to try this burger! The wasabi used in this burger is actually freshly grounded wasabi stem, hence the extra "kick" and "punch" that made this rice burger delightful. The grilled salmon belly has a aromatic smoky after taste which tickle my taste buds. Definitely one of my favourite too!
Don't forget to take a selfie and post it on Instagram with your Rice Burger if you're heading there! You'll stand a chance to win a complementary Sushi King voucher worth RM50 every week! The grand prize winner will walk away with RM300 worth of vouchers!

For more info, visit

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sushikingasia
Website: http://www.sushi-king.com/

& find out where the nearest Sushi King restaurant to your house ;) 
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