Thursday, 29 May 2014

Review: Shopping with Mr Lens

I have been wearing glasses ever since I was 5 years old. I used to despise wearing glasses because it slips down my nose easily whenever I go jogging, and I am in risk of breaking it when I play sports such as basketball.

I was over the moon when mum finally allowed me to wear contact lens when I was 14 years old. Every six months or so, I'll have to make a trip to the optical shop to order a fresh batch of contact lens, wait for about 2~3 weeks, and make another trip to the optical shop to collect my contact lens.

Now with Mr Lens, I finally can save all the trouble, and make my contact lens purchase with a few clicks at the comfort of my home :D

Mr Lens is a dynamic and well-established online Swiss-based company dedicated to provide the best & affordable eye-care product and efficient service. Mr Lens provides major brands of Contact Lens & Glasses from all over the world, with an array of colour and style to choose from.

And you know what's even better,
Mr Lens provides FREE SHIPPING (POS LAJU!) TO KLANG VALLEY!  (with minimum purchase RM50)

Refer to this page for other areas. Mr Lens also provides shipping worldwide! :)

Just a small snippet of glasses available at Mr Lens. Customers will be spoilt for choice while choosing for a suitable glasses for themselves, be it reading glasses, correction glasses, ray bands and so much more.

And not forgetting contact lens too! Daily, monthly, name it! Red, green, blue, yellow, brown, olive...I was dazzled by the colours of contact lens offered by Mr Lens. I never knew that there is so many different colours of contact lens available!

Thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia, I am entitled to out the contact lens sold at Mr Lens :D I've been wearing colourless contact lens ever since I started wearing contact lens, I decided to go for a coloured lens this time, for a change.

I was relieved to see that the range of power available was vast. My right eye has a different power from my left eye so I really need two different power range for my contact lens.

After selecting your lens/glasses, you can proceed to check out, where almost all cards/banks are accepted :) After your payment is made, a confirmation e-mail will be send to you. And after your order has been shipped, another e-mail will be sent to you, along with the tracking number so that you can estimate the arrival of your lenses. :)

Unfortunately for me, the colour I chose ran out of stock for my power :( Mr Lens was prompt and efficient in dealing that, and they immediately called me to inform me about the unfortunate news and arranged a new colour for me.
And sure enough, after two days, I received my package via poslaju! Kudos to Mr Lens' efficient and prompt service :)

And it even comes with two lolipop :P And also a casing to store your contact lens .
Party Green.
The contact lens was comfortable, even after wearing long hours. I am still quite not used to myself having green eyes though :P

Thanks you Mr Lens and Butterfly Project Malaysia!

For more info, go to

or contact Mr Lens via

Phone: +60 111 2323 715
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