Monday, 26 May 2014

Nom Nom Chomper, Kelana Jaya Square

The burger fever has long come & go, but Guan Ren & I had a sudden craving for burgers as we haven't been having one in a while. (Well, we did had a burger at Awesome Canteen but he disregarded the Paleo Burger as a burger as it tasted too healthy for him :P)

Both of us were kinda broke, thanks to our college's exorbitantly priced prom ticket (RM170!!!) and celebration-packed May. So we stumbled upon this deal on Living Social and decided to give it a go! A burger set, which is inclusive of a drink and a side dish, for only RM10! No prior reservations were needed so we purchased it hours before we departed :P
 Nom Nom Chomper. A burger joint hidden in the office area of Kelana Jaya Square. I didn't know about this restaurant's existence until I read it from a blog, even though Kelana Jaya Square is just behind Paradigm Mall.
Nom Nom Chomper was quite empty when we set our foot into the restaurant at 7pm. But by 7.30pm, the crowd started pouring in and phew, thank goodness we were early!

The interior was fairly simple- white tile floors, black wooden tables & chairs, walls painted vibrant orange. No flashy design, no clutters around here & there- just a simple, canteen-style humble little cafe which I find refreshing, as most cafe nowadays like to adapt the "hipster" or "industrial" style.
 Marvel poster hanging around their vibrant orange walls, which sends a wave of excitation down my spines as Guan Ren and I were planning to watch Spiderman 2 after our burger date!
 The menu- scribbled on a large chalk board on the wall. Beef burger, chicken burger and even salmon burger! And ohh, look! A variety of pastas are available too!

For the burgers, you can choose to have the sesame bun or black charcoal bun, that are made in-house. Both Guan Ren and I opted for the black charcoal version.
Rich Texan RM15.90
A choice of beef or chicken Patty served with homemade BBQ sauce and liquid cheese, with a side of salad and chips
I opted for the 200g beef patty, which was pleasantly juicy, dense and chewy in texture. The bouncy texture of the beef patty was a delight, and paired with the smart combination of sweet BBQ sauce & savoury liquid cheese, this simple & delightful burger won my heart, albeit the fries and salad tasted rather average to me.
Juicy Lucy RM16.90
Homemade 200g beef patties dipped in crème anglaise pan fried and baked with cheddar and liquid cheese. The name says it all! Jucy. Delightfully juicy and messy and drenched with mhmmm cheese sauce. Nuff said. I personally enjoyed the burger buns a lot too, as it was toasted to crisps on the outside, nice & fluffy in the inside.
Overall,I was really satisfied with my burger meal. I find the dense, firm & chewy patty rather pleasing to my taste buds. Service was pleasant too! If you're looking for a simple, fuss free burger, Nom Nom Chomper is definitely worth a try for you.

Nom Nom Chomper
NO GL 19, Ground Floor, 
Kelana Jaya Square 17,
Jalan SS 7/26, 
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Business Hours
Monday-Friday 10am - 10pm
Sunday 5pm - 11pm
Closes on Saturdays

Contact Number: 0172210344 / 0127180052
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