Saturday, 17 May 2014

Mad about Coco, Publika Solaris Dutamas


I'm guessing my mum will be the one waving her hand with the most exaggerated movement ever. My mum is a choc-o-holic. My fridge always have chocolate in it. And it disappears fast. But replenishes fast too. In a nutshell, the turnover rate of chocolate in the Lee's household is fast, as me and my brother has inherited the choc-a-holic gene.

So like every year, when I ask mum what she wants for mother's day, her reply will always be "CHOCOLATE" and nothing else. (well, she did mentioned she wants some designer bag but she said she'll ask that from us once we start working/have a high pay job LOL).

So I brought mum to Publika to try out one the two chocolate dessert shop (Salun du Chocolat/Mad about coco) simply because...I don't know is it just me, cause I feel as if dip n dip's portion is getting smaller and smaller and the quality has been deteriorating. We choose to dine in at Mad about Coco because Salun du Chocolat looks pretty cramp.

Mad About Coco is located above Mee Jawa, which is behind Plan B/ Chawan. Take the flight of stairs up, step into Mad About Coco, and wow...
The interior of Mad about Coco....girls who love all things pastel & vintage would love this place.

One side of the walls is painted sky blue, and the other side pastel pink with little trinkets and lacey decorative items occupying the white shelving units. This place feels really "Pintrest Inspired", and it really reminds me of Wondermilk. Everything here is just so pretty.
Table lined with white, lacy table clothe, floral-themed flower pots, ribbons and bowties everywhere! I love this place!

Spot me :)

Here's the menu of Mad About Coco. Mad About Coco has quite a wide range of chocolate selection, and we had trouble picking what we wanted because all of em seems so good!

 After browsing through the menu and picking what you want, head on to the counter & make your payment. The food will be delivered to you when it is ready :) Self service = NO SERVICE TAX OH YEAHH! (Wonder if it'll be the same after GST is implanted though. Hmmm)

Flat White RM10
Cause dad doesn't have the choc-o-holic genes.

The Awesome Possum Chocolate Crepe RM18
"So little chocolate :(", my first impression when the crepe was served to us. Yeah, you can see that the crepe is not entirely covered by chocolate. Was a little disappointed, but wait till you dig in...
Apparently, the crepe was folded with MORE CHOCOLATE! no photos for the cross-sectional area of this crepe as it was really messy. If you look closely at this pic, you can see there are chocolate inside the crepe, that looks like it is on the verge of bursting out.
Each bite was delightful- the soft crepe, drenched in the warm mixture of white, milk & dark chocolate which complements each other perfectly, so divine, so perfect.
And oh! Camwhore lovers, this is the place for you! Besides having a very photogenic meal here, and beautiful backdrop, Mad About Coco prepared a Giant Mirror with lots of props like wigs, sun glasses, hats & so much more for patrons to snap around :) 
Yeah, I know, my dad's cool :)

Mad about Coco
A1-1-9, Solaris Dutamas, (Publika)
No. 1 Jalan Dutamas 1,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours:
Tue - Sun: 12:30 - 23:30
Closed on Moday

Phone 03-2721 4890
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