Saturday, 3 May 2014

JIAAQIEATS.COM has evolved to, as of 3rd of May 2014.

For my 19th birthday, my friends gave me a present that all Bloggers would dream of.

My own Domain.

Words couldn't describe how shocked and happy I was. And one of my friend took a video on how derpy I look as they presented me the gift LOL.

I was clueless while setting up my domain, but thanks to the patient technicians (& not to mention super efficient technician who replied me within an hour even though it was 2am in the morning), I (finally) successfully setted up my domain :D

Thank you Teh Wei Chen (aka my inspiration), Rachel Tan Yaya, Jeanette, Ying Hui, Wei Qian, Feli, Jin Wei, Carmen!

Love you all!
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