Wednesday, 28 May 2014

I want to win a Gong Cha Treat for my Dad!

My dad, is not like how most dad is. He is like a typical Chinese dad. He loves Chinese Food, plays the flute, reads Chinese Literature, listen to classical Chinese musics and so on. BUT, he has a huge liking for things, that are not so Chinese. He loves pizzas. He loves cheese. And he secretly loves MCD. Time to time, he'll bring home a block of cheese to be enjoyed just like that from the supermarket. When I was young, whenever my mum is not around, he'll sneak us out for MCD, and allow us to order our own set (no sharing!) and even allowed us to upgrade the set to large!

And one thing my dad secretly loves, is GONG CHA. I've seen him lining up for Gong Cha in a crazily long queue, something which he usually won't bother to do. Not once, not twice, but numerous times.

But recently, dad stopped treating himself with his favourite food. My brother is furthering his studies in Australia next month, and I'll be enrolling in university soon, so dad has been trying to save up, by cutting his expenditure from everything he could.

He still buys me my favourite snack and food whenever I requested for it, like Gong Cha, but he stopped getting one for himself too. He always put his children

That's why, for my dad's birthday this year, I would really like to give my dad a surprise, and win this truckload of Gong Cha for him. He really deserved it.
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