Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Dave's Bar & Bistro, 1 Utama


Last year , thanks to Butterfly Project, I get to participate in 1 Utama Wonderfood Adventure where I was given the chance to try out 15 eateries in 1 Utama in 4 hours. I received a complementary RM50 One Card gift card, where I can choose to spend it in almost all tenants in 1 Utama or use it to pay my parking!

Being a foodie, I choose to spend my RM50 gift card on FOOD! Decided to try out this place which has been on my mind for quite some time but never got the chance to do so as it seems quite pricey.

Located at the borderline of 1 Utama's old wing, Dave's Bar & Bistro is one of the longest standing restaurant in 1 Utama, whipping out delightful porky dishes. I've heard much about their delightful pizzas, pork ribs , pastas and their award-winning sandwich (One of Dave's chef won the Best Sandwich in the World contest 2012 I think) so I was pretty excited to finally give this place a try.
We were greeted warmly by their staffs and escorted to our seat. Dave's was having a busy night, it was already packed even though it was only 6ish.

The interior of Dave's was really cosy and homey. Dimly lit, with potted plants found on top of almost every oak-coloured shelves, with dainty knick knacks placed around. I really love the cute little piggy decorative item sitting on the shelf! (although it feels kind of cruel *laughs*)

After flipping through their menu (which, you can find on their FB too!), we decided to share one pizza and a soup. Was really eager to try out more but our small stomach definitely won't allow it.
Mix Mushroom Soup RM15
Oh, the rich, thick soup loaded with chunky bits of mushroom was a delight to the taste bud! It's been a while since I had such a delightful soup! One of the best I've ever tried, I'd say.
Aussie Pizza RM35 (Regular) 
Pizza topped with Ham, Mushroom, Bacon, Anchovies and an Egg
The size of this pizza was relatively small, it's about the size of a regular size pizza from domino's. but maybe a little smaller, but it was a good thing as both Guan Ren & I are not quite a big eater.

One can also opt for half-meter size, which is good for parties or sharing :)
Look at the amount of cheese!
The dough is leaning towards the chewy side, it was nice & chewy and has an aromatic smoky wood fire aftertaste. The generous amount of toppings immediately won our heart- the springy cheese, half-cooked creamy egg, savoury ham & bacon, and the salty anchovies all come together so perfectly- we polished the dish clean, feeling really satisfied.

We called for the bill and I handed them my One Card for payment (RM60.30). The waiter came back and informed me that the One Card system was down! I was really disappointed as we asked if we could use my One Card to pay for the bill earlier and they said I could. The waiter was really apologetic and he called the manager to explain the matter to me.

The manager was really polite and behaved professionally. He explained the matter to me nicely, and apologized for the inconvenience caused. I was frustrated and decided to just pay by cash but the manager stopped me, he came up with a win-win situation- he told me to just leave my One Card here and they'll proceed with the charge after the system is back to normal. And I can come and collect my One Card any time I want.

I was quite impressed by the manager for his way of handling the situation. I might have cheated the manager by giving him a One Card without any cash in it (but of course there was. I am no con artist), but he trusted his customers and was fine with the idea of transecting the payment a few days later. I accidentally gave them the wrong pin number for my One Card but they didn't call me and bawled on the phone. The professionalism by Dave's never fail to put a smile on my face. And yes, I've already gotten back my One Card :)

Dave's Bar & Bistro now has a very positive impact on me- on both food, and service. We left Dave's with a smile, and I'm sure I will be back again.

Dave's Bistro Bar & Grill
Lot G209, Promenade
Ground Floor, 1-Utama Shopping Centre,
Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Business Hours: 10am-10pm Daily

Contact Number: +6 03 7725 4017
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