Friday, 16 May 2014

Chuup, Damansara Jaya


Ever since I enrolled in college, I spend most of my time outside, and am rarely home for lunch/dinner. I rarely have my meals with my parents due to the workload of A-Levels and I'd prefer to have a bread in front of my comp to save time and effort.

So on a fine Saturday night, parents decided to go to IKEA and I decided to screw studies and tag along (IKEA is synonymous to family time !) Dad didn't want to have dinner in IKEA as it would be really crowded and the food quality has been deteriorating .

But dad has been really nice to me recently. He has been bringing me to dine out quite often recently, and he always try to bring me to a place which I haven't been to before- perhaps he is trying to support my blog ? Hahahaha, well I wouldn't know :)

He suggested to have dinner at Fatty Crab @ Taman Megah (which, I've never been there before) but it was too crowded. I casually mentioned that there's this new place in Damansara Jaya that serves Pork Nasi Lemak, but with a slightly hefty price tag and he said "OK let's go there"
And we are. Still kinda shock that dad would like to try out this place. Because dad is that kind of person who wouldn't pay RM10 for a Nasi Lemak (because you can get a really decent one near my house for only RM1!).

But then again, my dad is the cool dad who would randomly dapau home Burger Lab & Skippy Pizza & chocolate bars so yeahhh B)

Chuup has a sign board which was contemporary & sleek. It was easy to miss as the whole building was painted grey in colour. Waze would be useful in locating this place.
Stepping in to Chuup feels like you're going in to your grandma house- the place is really cosy! Decorated retro & old school style with the white tile , wooden tables & old-fashion sequin cushions, this place reminds me of Wondermama @ Bangsar Village, which has a similar touch & vibes. (You can read about my review of Wondermama HERE)
Look! There's even an classic o' sewing machine here :D Be sure to check out their toilet too ;) Chuup re-used an old wok as their basin- pretty creative don't you think?
And like Wondermama, Chuup uses the traditional kuih-maker (forgotten the exact name...) to label their table!
Cakes Traditional cakes such as Banana Cakes and Butter Cake displayed at the counter. Kids sitting on the table next to me were raving about it- didn't get to try it out though
Grandma Pork Chuup RM18.90
Two huge slabs of pork chop grilled to perfection, served with gravy, a side of creamed spinach, potatoes & carrots.
The pork chop was tender & succulent, and it goes very well with the sauce. Loved the cream spinach too! A rather simple yet satisfying meal. One could even opt for the deep-fried version but I was feeling healthy on that night. The portion was also pretty big, it could easily feed up to two small eaters.
Gulai Chicken RM13.90
A whole chicken leg, rice, blanched kangkung, hard boiled egg, curried vegetables, served with a bowl of gulai
For those of you who is wondering how a gulai looks like, here you go :)
The portion was really big! Mum who ordered this couldn't finish the rice. The whole chicken leg was about the size of a quarter chicken! My favourite part of this dish was the Gulai- it was so fragrant and aromatic! my first time having Gulai rice was in Kelantan, 4 years ago by the roadside in a flooded warong, but it was the best thing ever! The one in Chuup tasted almost the same as the one in Kelantan! I was really impressed :)

However, the Nasi Gulai in Kelantan only cost me RM5 (For 2 plates of Nasi Gulai, 1 teh tarik, and 2 warm water) LOL! But then again I can't really make a direct comparison as Chuup's portion was much bigger, and it is an air-conditioned cafe that has put in lots of effort in decorating the place :P
Chuup Nasi Lemak with Pork Rendang RM14.90
Nasi Lemak served with fried anchovies, roasted peanuts, curried vegetables, blanched kangung, hard-boiled eggs, pork rendang & sambal
Like Chuup Chicken Gulai, the Nasi Lemak comes with a generous sides & condiments.
The rice was fragrant & rich with coconut milk. The pork rendang was (Y). Tender, and packed with a punch of flavours. Dad seems to approve of it which was a relieve, because this Nasi Lemak is almost 5 fold of the usual price of Nasi Lemak he'd pay for.
Overall, we had a really pleasant experience dining at Chuup :)Would really love to return to try out more :D

40, Jalan SS22/25,
Damansara, Malaysia

Contact Number: 03-7733 6673
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