Monday, 5 May 2014

19th Birthday (Pt2): LewisGene Espresso, Solaris Mount Kiara

After a wonderful dinner at Aria, Guan Ren drove me to Mount Kiara for desserts! I have been eyeing on this place for a very long time, so I was literally on cloud ten when he said we could go there.

 LewisGene, located on above Chilla Cup @ SOHO Mount Kiara, the ever happening place (which, feels like Friday everyday).
Step into LewisGene and was loud. And crowded. I almost forget that it was a Thursday night because it really feel like as if it was a Friday night.

LewisGene has a really cosy & laid back environment, with dim blue lightinng, with comfy cushioned seat/sofas. One can choose to sip their cuppa at their balcony, or their cosy indoor seating area. We opted for the indoor seats as it was too crowded & cramp for us to be picky- that place was swarming with patrons, even though it was a Thursday night (I have to stress this, don't kids have classes the next day?).

Just realize that I don't have a decent photo of the interior there :/ I have a habit to wait for the crowd to disperse before taking a photo but that doesn't seems to be the case at LewisGene, more crowd seem to be flooding in the later it gets!
 LewisGene's chalkboard menu. The range of coffee & tea served here was impressive! So many flavoured latte that I've never seen before in other cafe!
These two jars of cookies immediately caught my attention and I happily requested for one of each cookie, for ahem ahem photography purposes, and also I was curious how it would taste like. Ahem. (Okay, mainly for photography purposes but I was also curious!)
The yummy cakes display! Read through some tips from Foursquare and there were lots of positive feedback for their cakes. Unfortunately I did not try any of em as I already had enough cakes in the afternoon. Perhaps another day? 

It took a while before our order was served, acceptable was so crowded!
 Mocha RM10.90
 A signature item in LewisGene. Happy to see that a different kind of art served on our Mocha :P The Mocha had the right sweetness and chocolate-y-ness, and the body was silky smooth. The Mocha was indeed different from all the Mocha I had tried out in other cafes. Loved this one a lot!

(and hey, it comes with marshmallow!)
Pancake RM9.90
Pancakes served with sliced blueberries & strawberries, served with chocolate sauce
 *Adds on cookie for photography purposes*
So Guan Ren requested the waiter to write a happy birthday message on our pancake when I went to the toilet haha :) Thank you so much! :)

The pancakes were dense, and fluffy at the same time. It sort of reminded me of MCD's pancakes.
 Doggie Cookies RM1.60 per piece
Wanted a pig cookie & a baby cookie but they gave us two piggies instead. The waiters seem to be running around serving the ever-increasing patrons so we decided to just let it be.

The texture of the cookie was crumbly, you know like those CNY peanut cookie, without the peanut taste. Goes well with our Mocha :)

LewsiGene would be a really nice hang out spot, especially if one has a sweet tooth :) However, be sure to drop by earlier as it gets really loud the later it gets.

LewisGene Cafe
2-1, Jalan Solaris 3
Solaris Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours:
Mon - Thu: 10:00 - 00:00
Fri - Sat: 10:00 - 01:00
Sun: 10:00 - 00:00

Contact Number: 016-328 4438

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