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19th Birthday (Pt1): Aria Italian Dining, Damansara Heights

TGIF everyone! Hope you're all having a great day! If not, hope you'll be having a great weekend ahead! I am currently tied down to my studies as my finals is just exactly one week away.

But hey, it's Friday! Let me take some time off to update my little humble blog :)

More off a personal blog post today like my Valentines' blog post :) (you can read about it here! Part 1 / Part 2) If you'd like to just read about my review on Aria, you can skip the first two photos hahaha :) 

So I suddenly turned 19 last week on the 24th of April. 

Guan Ren got me sunflowers!
This year's birthday celebration was a rather special one to me, because it is my very first time spending my birthday with my significant other :)

So my day started off with lots of wishes and love. Dragged myself to college (which I had been skipping quite frequently nowadays. gulp), and found out first class has been cancelled. LOL. A great birthday present for a lazy girl like me :D 

During breaktime, we went to my classmates' favourite place for special occasions/celebrations near college for lunch. Home Made Fish Head Noodle Restaurant :P We were separated into two groups while walking there because it was raining and Jeanette mum was really kind to offer a ride to the few of us there :P 
And my classmates that arrived later surprised me with cupcakes from Cupcakes Chic! Thank you so much ♥♥♥♥ They know how much I love cakes heh and they bought me 6 of em :") Spent 4 days eating em because I was too reluctant to eat these dainty cupcakes haha. Love the rich chocolate cupcake base, albeit the icing is a little too sweet for me :P And they even gave me something...which....shocked the day light out of guys will know what it is pretty soon ;) 

Guan Ren and I made plans to go out at night. He said he is really confident on surprising me and the location wouldn't matter, unlike Valentines hahahaha. He asked me to choose where I would like to go. So we bought a Living Social deal for Aria Italian Restaurant at Damansara Heights a few days before my birthday. 

We made a reservation at 7.30pm and planned to depart at about 5.30pm. But we ended up departing at 5pm and arriving at 6pm because my parents warned us about the horrendous traffic at KL, especially since it rained throughout the whole morning. So we bought some pastries at a nearby bakery and chilled there until about 6.30pm, and just decide to push our reservation forward.
The waiters welcomed us with open arms and let us pick any seat we want because we were the second customer there. We picked a seat with a relatively better lighting for my food photography purposes :P
The ambiance. No it's not that dark, I am just still not so familiar with the functions of my camera hence the poor photo. Aria Italian Restaurant is a perfect restaurant for dates- elegant looking furnitures, with white table clothe draped across each table , vintage photos hanging on the walls, wine bottles every where, and dim lighting, for a romantic atmosphere.

The waiter placed the napkins over our lap and handed us the menu. He then lit the candle light on our table, creating a lovely atmosphere.

Yes, champagne and wine bottles are really every where in this restaurant. There's even a mini wine cellar for customers to pick and choose their desired drinks :) But no thanks to us, we both ordered a glass of warm water each :P
Complementary bread basket & Pesto Spread. 
Two pieces of wholemeal bread & two pieces of white bread, served with homemade pesto spread. The pesto spread was lovely- rich in taste & flavours. Pair it up with the warm, soft & fluffy bread, my night was complete. Just kidding, it was indeed a wonderful appetizer but there are more wonderful dishes to come!
Grilled Portobello Mushroom RM19
Grilled Portobello Mushroom topped with melted mozzarella, mesclun salad & parmesan
The juicy portobello mushrooms were topped generously with rich melted parmesan cheese, which was simply divine. One bite and flavours come bursting out. Definitely recommended!
Aglio Olio + Smoked Duck RM29
This is probably my favourite dish of the night- pasta was cooked el dente, and perfectly coated with seasoning and olive oil. The smoked duck? Oh, heaven. It was so tender, it literally melted in my mouth- not to mention it was really flavourful too!
Probably the best smoked duck I have ever tasted so far! So juicy and tender...I am craving for the it even when I am typing this out.
Con Huevo Pizza RM28
Mozzarella, achovies,artichoke,beef bacon ,button mushroom, egg and rocket salad
We were quite taken aback when the pizza was served- we were expecting a small, 8 inch pizza, judging on the price but it was the size of a large pizza!
Thin, crispy pizza base with a smoky aftertaste. Beef bacon toppings were generous, much to my delight. I'd have prefer if the eggs were more raw though :)

We couldn't finish the pizza as both of us were stuffed (and we wanted to save space for desserts!). The waiter was kind enough to help us pack the leftover back home :)
My date for the night :) Thank you Guan Ren for the dinner and surprise!

Our bill came up to RM83.60 after the taxes, which means we only have to pay RM43.60 for this wonderful meal, thanks to livingsocial voucher :). Our dinner was certainly worth every single cent we paid. The waiter was attentive and he kept refilling our drinks when our cups were empty. He cleared our plates when we're done, and make sure that we have finished our dish before bringing in the next dish.

My dining experience at Aria was a really positive one. Guan Ren realized that he forgotten his bag after we drove off to Solaris for desserts. We returned to Aria and the kind waiter returned his bag to us with everything intact :) Really appreciate the kindness & honesty of the waiters there!

I would certainly return to Aria for their affordable & delactable Italian food :) Aria also serve really affordable set lunch on weekdays and also tapas buffet on Sunday afternoon if I'm not mistaken. Would return one day to try em out :)

Aria Italian Dining
44G, Plaza Damansara,
alan Medan Setia 2,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours:
Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 00:00
Sat - Sun: 17:00 - 00:00

Contact Number: 03-2095 0016 
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