Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Thursdvy, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Feels so great to finally be able to update my blog on a daily basis.

After our desserts/tea time session at Frisky Goat (Read about it HERE!), Guan Ren and I was still feeling a little unsatisfied as our craving for waffles was not resolved.

And lucky for us, TTDI is currently facing the cafe boom culture as there is a new coffee shop in almost every nook and cranny of TTDI. We hopped on to the car and took a short 1km drive to this new cafe:
Thursdvys, a cafe with a really catchy name located at the shop lots area of Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1. The name of this cafe might be a little disturbing to those who have OCD in spellings though :P
Little did we know the what surprises was in store for us at Thursdvys. Like this odd seating spot that was a total contrast with the other furnitures that popped out of no where.
An eye-catching name calls for a compelling interior too no? Surprises awaits for us as we make our way into Thursdvys unique entrance.
Push the heavy glass door and you'll be greeted with a cool yet laid back ambiance. Love the interior of Thursdvys- A side of the wall was painted pitch black, metallic black shelving units & lamps, the cafe has a sleek & modern feel with a unique touch added to it.
And there's also a cosy corner with cushions & pillows for customer's comfort.
Odd-shape glass containers fixed on the walls. Care to guess what is it? It is actually a mobile phone charger locker! I know, it doesn't look like it at all! I didn't realize it until someone walked in and left their phone charging inside the boxes!
3oz, 6oz or 9oz? Take your pick. The menu of Thursdvys was written on the board at the counter clearly. Coffee selection was straight forward- black or + milk.
Thursdvys tip jar, filled with cold hard cash, and coffee beans...
Ristretto + Milk 8oz RM10
Definitely my type of coffee.
Brownies + Ice Cream RM10
Homemade brownies topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and a handful of peanuts, drizzled with chocolate sauce
Initially, we wanted to try out their cheesecake because everyone seems to be insta-ing it but it was out of stock so we decided to just settle for brownies (which was the only desserts available at that time)
The brownies served at Thursdvys reminds me of the sizzling brownies & ice-cream served in Acme Bar & Coffee, except for the fact that we get to enjoy the brownies at Thursdvys more as we need not to worry about the chocolate sauce being dry up.
Sinfully rich, moist & chocolate-y. The warmth of the chocolate brownies melts the ice-cream, creating a fine balance of taste.  
Mandatory SS shot at Thursdvys

22, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1, 
Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Business Hours: 
Friday- Wednesday 9am-12am
Closed on Thursdays 
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