Sunday, 13 April 2014

RT Cafe, SS15

Ask any Subang Folk to name you some good bakeries around Subang Jaya, and I'm sure RT Pastry will be on their list.

Growing up in Subang, I've been feeding on RT Pastry's bread for breakfast almost every weekday morning and their bread are also part of my "lunch box staple" back in secondary school. I look forward to every Tuesdays & Fridays because I'd only be able to buy breads from RT on that two days as I used to attend Japanese language classes at SS15 on those two days and I could only buy RT breads on those particular days. 

It excites me, walking into RT, being greeted by a wonderful array of breads and a pleasant whiff of freshly baked pastry. RT Pastry always come out with new breads & pastry and it is always exciting to try em out.
 And the brand new addition by RT Pastry House, RT Cafe! The grand opening of RT Cafe is actually today, 13th of April.
The Cafe was nicely designed- it has a rustic look with the red bricks wall with alternating panels of mirrors and wall lamp nailed onto it. The soft coffee shop music playing in the background gives the cafe a really relaxing vibe. This place somehow reminded me of Artisan Roast HQ at Section 13.
 The lighting was pretty good, it'd be a really nice place for one to sit down and read a book without straining their eyes
 There were plenty of seats available to accommodate the crowd. And yes, there's an arc connecting RT Pastry House to the cafe!
H20 is available for all at the counter, self-service :)
 The Menu. Many drinks were not available when we visited that place, which was before their grand opening. It should be available by now :) Oh joy, there's Nutella Cappuccino and Latte!
 RT Cafe also serve cold sandwiches & salads too! One can even purchase breads and pastries from RT Pastry and enjoy it at RT Cafe, along with a cuppa or tea.
 Our orders- Two Cup of Mocha
 A complementary giant cookie is given when you order a cup of coffee. The cookies were fabulous! Crunchy & delightful, and best of all, BIG in size :B Definitely a crowd pleaser :)
 In conjunction with their opening promotion, we received a 50% discount for the second cup of drink. The promo is only available from 8-13 of visit RT Cafe tonight! The promotion is only applicable if you order two same drinks. Guan Ren would usually go for Hazelnut Latte/Latte/Mocha/any special drink on the menu whereas I am a Cappuccino/Mocha person so we ordered two Mocha since that's the only drink we'd have in common.
Mocha (Hot) RM9.80
TO be honest, I couldn't give an honest review on this drink because the cookie overpowered the taste of this drink. I munched on my cookie happily and only realized that I ordered a chocolate-y drink when I was halfway through my cookie so yeahh....

But overall, it was a pleasant experience at RT Cafe. The staffs were really friendly and price wise was reasonable too :) I'll be coming back soon I guess, to savour RT's delightful pastry and get a cup of coffee at RT Cafe.

RT Cafe
B5-G Jalan SS15/4D,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Business Hours:
Was told Till 10.30pm


Oh and, there's a pretty sunflower outside RT Cafe! 

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