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Meltz Cafe, SS15

Discovering a new cafe always starts with stumbling upon a really tempting dessert picture on instagram
Ahh, another new cafe in SS15. With so many new cafes mushrooming in every nook & cranny I wonder if I could ever catch up.

Located at the same row as Cowboy Burger (opposite Oregi), Meltz Cafe is another new addition to the SS15 cafe family. Yay for a potentially new lunch spot!

The 2D signboard makes it hard to spot, especially with the dim lighting at night so one have to keep their eyes peeled.
Meltz Cafe adopt the open kitchen concept where curious patrons get to see how their food & desserts are prepared. No worries as the place is properly ventilated and the heat does not reach the seating area. However it gets a little loud at time, with the sound of spatula and wok going "ching ching chong chong" but that's what makes the place lively and "happening" ;)
Vintage posters of old movies/games plastered over the walls- it was quite amusing to read through em
No, the interior doesn't look as scary as the photo depicts. Pardon my amateur photography skills. It was a little dark inside, but not as dark as it seems in the picture. 

Ample seating area were available at Meltz. There's even some nice sofa for patrons to relax & chill around! And don't worry, there's like 4 units of sofa so one does not need to compete for the sofa seat :P 
The menu is written clearly on the big black board. Guan Ren and I just finished our dinner and were actually quite full from it. We wanted to just go for coffee but our inner devil managed to coax us to order some desserts. PLUS, Meltz Cafe was having this promotion where you only need to add on RM2 for a cup of coffee

jeez, marketing strategy. We fell for it. We ordered the seemingly LEAST filling desserts (<-if there is such thing, lol) on the menu, that is the basic crepe
Chocolate & Butterscotch fountain!! *heavy breathing*
French Vanilla Coffee RM11 (Promotional add-on price RM2)
Not such a big fan of flavoured coffee so I wouldn't comment much, but Guan Ren loved it. The sweetness was just right and the vanilla essence was aromatic, according to him.

After finishing our cup of coffee, our crepe was still no where to be seen. I enquired the waiters and they apologize saying that there'll be a delay in serving our crepe as there are currently understaff. They offered to offer us a complementary cup of coffee. But Guan Ren and I were a little full from dinner and we wanted to save more space for the crepe so we had to decline their kind offer.
Basic Crepe RM13
Warm crepe served with choice of dark chocolate sauce, butterscotch sauce or both, topped with a scoop of Vanilla Ice-Cream
Simply amazing.
The butterscotch sauce was scrumptious! The dark chocolate sauce & butterscotch sauce, when paired up, complements the crepe so perfectly. The crepe was warm and delightful. However, I didn't really fancy the ice-cream here. Preferred to have the crepe with just the butterscotch + chocolate sauce as the Vanilla Ice-Cream sort of complicates the taste a little, on my opinion. Or maybe because I was a little too full at then.

Overall, I was really satisfied with my experience at Meltz Cafe. I absolutely loved the crepe (without the ice-cream) and I'd really want to return here again to try out their waflles and perhaps their hot dogs! I steal a glance at the other patrons' table and their food seems really tempting and the portions seem huge as well! I'm going to be at SS15 for almost 12 hours every day for the rest of the months so I guess I could hope over to Meltz again one day ;)

Meltz Cafe

  • 41, Jalan SS 15/4B, 
  • SS 15 Subang Jaya
  • 47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Business Hours:
Tuesday-Sunday 11am-12am
Closed on Mondays

Contact Number:017-666 2415
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