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Lucy in the Sky, Jalan Tun H.S. Lee Kuala Lumpur

On the 2nd of April 2014, Guan Ren & I went on our 3rd Installment of KL KL. It has become a yearly thing for both of us to travel to KL using public transport just for fun during our holidays. We went on our first trip to KL together when we're Form 5 :D Time really flies and now we're already in our final semester in A-Levels.

For the past two years, we've been visiting the malls like KLCC, Pavillion, Fahrenheit 88 etc. & also cafe hopping around the malls. So this time round, we decided to be slightly more adventurous & take a different path.

We took a KTM from Subang Jaya Station to Kuala Lumpur Station, and walk to the busy Petaling Street area to try out some cafe in that area. First cafe on our agenda was:
Lucy in the Sky Cafe
Located near Petaling Street & on the same street as a Chinese Temple & Hindu Temple, Lucy in the Sky is just a convenient 5 minutes walk from Central Market LRT Station, unless you got lost like us. I didn't know Jalan Tun HS Lee was so long so we went to the other end of the street.

We got confused even with the map because there was actually TWO Chinese Temple on Jalan Tun HS Lee. We thought we were near but we were actually walking further and further away from the cafe! 
A good samaritan saw our sesat face and offered us help. Thanks to him, we finally found the cafe!

Tips: Ask for the direction to the Hindu Temple instead of the Chinese Temple.
Located away from the Hustle & Bustle of Petaling Street, Lucy in the Sky Cafe is a quaint & chic cafe. There's even an el fresco area for patrons to chill on a cooling day.

As we pushed the glass door open, a cooling air-cond breeze greeted us along with some soft music. A young lady clad in a lovely dress & apron welcomed us with warm hospitality, which really made us feel at home.
The interior was simple yet cosy, stylish & chic at the same time. Metal tables & chairs with contrasting colours were used, giving the cafe some vibrant vibes. One side of the walls were finished with red bricks, and the other side was just plain grey cement, which I find really rustic yet charming.
The layout of the cafe was a little quirky yet charming. Like this little halfway with open ceiling to allow sufficient sunlight to enter. We sat at the air-conditioned area because we were sweating like mad after getting lost for 20 minutes!
Their Menu! Price on this board are inclusive of taxes hence the odd numberings. Lucy in the Sky is a self-serviced cafe so after browsing through the menu, you'll have to make your order & payment at the counter!
Chocolate Mousse RM1.50
Saw this sitting in the cakes' display & I couldn't help it but to order it, mainly because it was really cute teehee. Petite in size, this Chocolate Mousse tart was the bomb! The crust was crumbly & aromatic, and the chocolate fillings was rich, but no where near cloying nor overly sweet. The chocolate mousse was made out of dark chocolate, so goodbye guilt! (Tell me, how many "Benefits of Dark Chocolate" article have you read?)
Lucy's Breakfast Set: Fusion RM18.90
Two Poached Eggs, Turkey Ham, Lentils, Sauteed Mushroom, Hash Browns, Croissant & a side Salad with Vinaigrette Dressing.
There was three breakfast set to choose from, namely American, & Fusion. We went for the Fusion because it seems
Eggs were poached nicely, not overcook nor undercook but the vinegar taste was a little overpowering. Just a little. The mushrooms were superb, juicy & wholesome. Each bite was bursting with flavousr and the texture was soft and a little chewy- just the way I like it. The green round things on the upper right of the photo were lentils. It was my very first time having lentils (I've never seen them before!) and I really liked it! It has a chunky & grainy texture like mashed potatoes, but it tasted rather savoury so I enjoyed it very much. Oh and the croissant, definitely one of the best I've ever tried! Flaky & rich with butter taste, it was really delightful!

The hash brown was normal, nothing to shout about. But overall, I really enjoyed this dish that features unique combination of ingredients. It tasted rather healthy too, Olive Oil was used if I'm not mistaken, and the amount of oil and salt was kept minimal at the same time, without compromising on the quality & taste of the dish.

Lucy in the Sky Café
167, Jalan Tun H.S. Lee,
50000 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours:
Tuesdays to Fridays: 9am-7pm
Closed on Mondays

Contact Number: 03-2022 1526
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