Sunday, 20 April 2014

La Crêperie de Caroline, Bangsar Telawi

Ever since I've took my first bite of a crepe from Le French Wrap, Publika Solaris Dutamas (Read my review HERE!), I've been constantly craving for some yummy authentic French crepe but I've never had a chance to savour it as 1. Publika is so far away from my house and 2. It is quite costly...

So when I stumbled upon this deal on Living Social, I bought the voucher for two pax priced at only RM8.50 per pax without thinking twice somewhere in February. Had been so busy with A-Levels and I didn't had the time to go all the way to Bangsar until last week during my sem break!

La Crêperie de Caroline is located on the busy street of Bangsar Telawi, same row as dip n dip and NOSH. We were greeted warmly by a friendly French lady upon entering the restaurant. Yes, the owner of this restaurant is actually a French lady!
The interior of La Crêperie de Caroline was rather funky and jazzy, with the bright red walls paired up with the neon blue bar at the back of the restaurant and upbeat musics playing in the background. The restaurant was rather empty, despite being a Friday afternoon.

Each of our set consist of a drink (Iced Lemon Tea/Peach Tea), a side of Salad and a choice of savoury crepe. Really worth it, don't you think so?
Iced Peach Tea
Refreshing drink to cool us down on a scorching hot day!
Fresh, crisp mixed lettuce, shredded beetroot, sliced carrots and toasted pumpkin seeds with a simple dressing. Simple, healthy and satisfying.
La Fermiere 
Egg, Emmental Cheese, Chicken
The crepe was soft and warm, with a slight crisps at the side. It tasted rather similar to the one I had at Le French Wrap so it was love at first bite.
The chicken was just wonderful. Tender and succulent, it was literally bursting with flavours as I took a bite of it. Too bad the amount of chicken was a little too scarce.
La Brestoise
Egg, Emmental Cheese, Tomato Coulis & Onions
The amount of cheese was just generous. The onions was perfectly caramelized. Egg yolks was runny. Tomato Coulis was delish. Fold all of em together in a warm, soft crepe and you get a masterpiece. Volia. Love this dish to the bits!
I enjoyed this crepe more than the later as this one is more "saucey".

My experience at La Crêperie de Caroline was definitely a very memorable & pleasant one. Would like to return one day for more mouth-watering crepes!

La Crêperie de Caroline
33, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours:
Tuesdays to Sundays: 12pm-1am
Closed on Mondays

Contact Number: 03-2202 0238
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