Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Jibby & Co, Empire Shopping Centre

Jibby & Co is a new place in Subang Jaya that is trending in social media site. Located in the Valet Parking of Empire Shopping Gallery, this place is hard to miss while driving past Empire Shopping Gallery. Being a Subang Folk, I finally took some time out from my busy schedule to pay a visit to this place after hearing everyone raving about it.
Jibby & Co exterior- looking all grand & fancy. 
Jibby & Co is actually under the same company as Serai, which is quite renowned for their cakes & food so I had really high expectation on Jibby & Co. Plus all the ravings and hoo-haa in the net was really promising.

As I set foot into Jibby & Co, I was overwhelmed by awe. The interior was stunning & classy. Jibby & Co is a two story green house, which allows sufficient sunlight to penetrate in, giving the place a spacious illusion & lively vibe. This place somehow reminded me of Acme Bar & Coffee @ The Troika, KL.

"Table for how many person, ma'am?" My train of thoughts were disrupted by a waiter, standing near the entrance.

"Table for ONE please," I said.

"One?" Waiter asked.

"Yes, ONE." I answered.

"Oh," waiter said with a weird look on his face. 
Being a solo diner, I was lead to the bar seats facing Empire Shopping Gallery. Perfect for people watching & to kill time, I thought.

Blinds were placed all over the glass walls to ensure the place is not scorching hot. In fact, this place was the polar opposite of warm- The aircond was blasting at full speed, sending chills all over my body. I secretly wished that the clouds would dissipate so that more sunlight could enter this Bistro to warm me up- it was that cold!

I scanned through the menu (which was actually a piece of paper printed on both side) and decided to just go for a cup of coffee, as I have a lunch date with my mum after this.
Cappuccino RM11
Now if there's something I could not comprehend in a cafe (other than waiter giving single diners the stare) is waiters who give customer the stare when they only order a coffee and no food , vice versa. Wasn't in the mood for food and the food were quite pricey too (the average price of a dish was RM30)

And that happened to me in Jibby & Co.
Nevermind that, just let me enjoy my coffee. Felt that the foam wasn't really smooth so I didn't really enjoy it.

The bill came out as RM12.10 after adding the taxes, which was tad steep on my opinion, especially when I was given the stare.

So nope, not coming back soon.

Jibby & Co
GK11 Ground Floor
Empire Shopping Gallery (Jalan SS16/1),
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Contact Number: 03-5613 7070
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