Sunday, 27 April 2014

HD Photo/Logo Tag by Malaysia Military Tag Review

I have always wanted to create my own personalized keychain with my photo and engraving on it, but I never know where I can do so. My dream finally come true when I received an e-mail from Malaysia Military Tag for a HD Photo/Logo Tag sponsor!
I was on cloud nine when I received my order! Malaysia Military Tag was really efficient! My order was shipped out the next day straight after I placed my order :) But it took an additional few days to arrive at my doorstep as my order was shipped under registered post.

I am really satisfied with the quality of my Photo Tag! :) The photo was indeed of HD quality (although the upload file limit is only 1MB), the embossed writing was nicely done, and most importantly, no typos! (which is a major no-no for personalize tags!). The tag was solid and sleek too! 
A little too PDA embossed writing. Tee hee. I really love the texture of the embossed writing :) 
For RM32, you get a rubber silencer, an accessories (I choose the 15cm Stainless Steel Ball Chain) and a tag with your desired picture/logo on the front side & embossed writing on the behind. 
I was spoilt with choice while choosing the colour of my silencer. In the end I choose red because it suited my photo which was taken during Valentines 2014 :) 

Although the accessories is included in the package, you have to top up and additional RM3 for the stainless steel string and RM8 for the 70cm Stainless Steel Ball Chain. 

Customer can choose to add on a military metal box by just topping up RM8. It'll be a perfect add-on to those who wants to make it a gift for someone special :) 

Front & Back :)

My only qualm is my silencer is not really proportional to the key chain hole :/ but it wasn't really noticeable after I put the stainless steel ball chain on. 
A perfect keychain for my new purse that Guan Ren got for me on my birthday :)

Do check out Malaysia Military Tag for more affordable & high quality products! Now I know what to get for my friend's upcoming birthday :D

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Thanks again Malaysia Military Tag for the sponsor :)! 
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