Friday, 11 April 2014

Coffee Famillle, Kota Damansara

Last Sunday, Guan Ren & I decided to go on a cafe hopping x study trip to Kota Damansara, since we are having a two week long sem break. I compiled a list of cafes that are more quiet & quaint & are suited for studying, and the first cafe on our list was Coffee Famille @ Sunsuria Apartment.

Was really glad we decided to visit this place as one day after we visited this place, there was an announcement on their Facebook page stating that they are planning to sell this business away :( 
Sunsuria Apartment is located just next to Tune Hotel Kota Damansara, opposite The Strand Kota Damansara. Parking there was a breeze as Sunsuria Apartment is free from the hustle & bustle of KD. And oh joy, parking is only RM1 for the whole day! 

They said that we should not judge a book from its cover. But the facade of Coffee Famille definitely was a really positive sign that I'd fall in love with this place..and I was certainly right! 
Quite a range of Single Origins are available at Coffee Familie. Coffee lover would be delighted flipping through their menu! The range of coffee available was just impressive! Unfortunately, I did not took any photos of the menu.
A bicycle parked at the side of the cafe. You are entitled to a 10% discount if you are riding a bike there!
Step into the cafe, and we were greeted by the warm & friendly staffs and a strong whiff of coffee smell. The soft music playing in the background calmed my nerve and I instantly felt relaxed. The cafe was really quaint & peaceful, we immediately felt at home.
The walls were painted sky blue, and pretty little trinkets & knick knacks were placed on the white shelving units, along with some coffee making equipment & coffee beans for sale. I really want one Coffee Cup table lamp too!
Little cute puppets from IKEA, for customer to play around.
Love this cosy corner of the cafe. Cute murals behind the cosy sofa with mismatched colours cushions literally shouting for someone to just lie down on the sofa for the whole day.

"I'll only have a cup of coffee a week..," Guan Ren said, while pointing at the giant coffee cup lol! Lots of books & magazines in Chinese & English are placed on the bookshelf for patrons to browse through while enjoying a lovely cuppa.

Lovely isn't it, the interior. We felt really homey inside this little cafe. The interior reminded me of The Brew Culture at Plaza Damas but Coffee Familie's lighting was dimmer
Homey Cafe Latte RM 12
Cafe Latte with Gula Melaka. Guan Ren decided to be adventurous and try this out. It turned out to be really good! The aromatic Gula Melaka blended in really well with the drink with a distinctive taste. Definitely recommended!
Cappuccino RM9
Dark roast, I think. The Cappuccino had a really strong body.
a smart way for reusing coffee cups, wine bottles & aluminium cans!
Overall, Coffee Famille is a really nice place to sit & chill around, and it's definitely a plus point if you're someone who really appreciate coffee! A little sad because the owner of this place decided to sell this business :( Hopefully the person who is taking over Coffee Famille will uphold the quality of coffee served at this place!
Coffee Famille
6-G, Garden Wing
Sunsuria Avenue,
Persiaran Mahogani, Kota Damansara.
Business Hours:
Tues-Sat 1pm-10pm
Sun 10am-8pm.
Closed on Mondays

Contact Number: 03-6150-5126
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