Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Coffee Amo, Jalan Sultan (China Town)

 Now, I'm pretty sure most of you here had read this list before by says.my, SAYS Top 20 Must-Try Coffee Places In KL. The comprehensive list of good coffee/cake place to try out in the Klang Valley.  Coffee Amo (Listed #4 on the list) were within walking distance from where we were on our KL trip so Guan Ren & I decided to try it out!
After our hearty brunch at Lucy in the Sky Cafe, we walked around Petaling Street like a tourist, camwhoring here & there. Learning from our mistake, we decided to look for Coffee Amo earlier IN CASE we get lost again and take almost half an hour to find that place. but luck was on our side, as we were just standing downstairs of Coffee Amo when we wanted to search for it!

Located on the first floor next to Nam Heong Chicken Rice restaurant, one has to keep their eyes peeled to spot Coffee Amo's teeny signboard.
The signboard leads us to a narrow stairway..
Which eventually lead us to the entrance of Coffee Amo! Coffee Amo actually shares half the shop lot with a Chinese Cultural Art Shops (at least what I think it is).
I immediately fell in love with their interior. So rustic yet charming. Paintings hanging on the white washed walls, mismatched wooden furnitures laid out, with a potted plant on each table to give the place a lovely vibe.

There was something odd about this place. No music was played in the cafe! It is certainly not common for coffee shop to not play any music in the background. We then found out that the staff would play his guitar on the spot, a live performance!
Entrance to toilet!
I particularly love their "doodles" on the wall! It gives the coffee shop a playful & vibrant vibe, and the quotes were really relatable to me!
 The beverage menu- coffee & tea priced at the average cafe price.
Desserts/small bites menu!
 Single Origin Coffee is also served at Coffee Amo.
 Cafe Latte RM10
 My very first time being served with a 3D Coffee Art and it was certainly a pleasant surprise! Best of all? No extra charge! The few coffee shop out there I know that serves 3D Coffee Art charges an additional RM5 for it so I was ecstatic!
And yes, I certainly did enjoy my latte. Smooth & velvety body, with extra foam. Pure enjoyment. 
Amo Waffles with Ice Cream RM10
Coffee Amo's waffles were slightly different from the conventional waffles- It has a crispier texture and a stronger buttery taste. I certainly prefer Amo's Waffle more than the other waffles I have tasted because I like my food crispy. The waffles were so good I could eat em on its own, without spreading them with ice-cream.

The ice-cream used was Raspberry Cream Cheese ice-cream, I suppose. It has a velvety texture that was rich in taste. The cold & smooth ice-cream and warm crispy waffles complement each other so perfectly, it was to die for <3
The epitome of a great dessert, or tea time.
The lighting at Coffee Amo was good, and I really loved the ambiance there so we didn't miss out the chance to camwhore! ;)

Coffee Amo
1st Floor, 54, Jalan Sultan,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours:
10am-9pm Daily

E-mail: management@coffeeamo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coffeeamo
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