Sunday, 6 April 2014

Brew & Bread, One City Subang Jaya

Brew & Bread, a cafe that has been around in Kota Kemuning for quite a while but I've never had the chance to try it because...well I'd only been to Kota Kemuning two or three times in my whole life up till now. And two out of that three times, I got lost and somehow ended up in Shah Alam. I am very unfamiliar with that place so I never fail to get lost in that area even with a GPS so...yeah...

So when I heard that Brew & Bread opened a branch in One City, I was pretty hyped up about it and I dragged Guan Ren to try it out with me!
The exterior of Brew & Bread- pretty grand I'd say, with the classic French windows & tall glass door with wooden framework. Like most of the restaurant at the ground floor of One City, Brew & Bread is a one & a half story restaurant where patrons get to choose to savour their drinks upstairs or downstairs. The upstairs seating were closed so we sat downstairs, next to the French windows.

The menu was scribbled on a few black board hanging on their black walls (camouflage?). Brew & Bread @ One City only serve drinks, desserts and a handful of pastries & sandwiches for now. If you would like to have their breakfast set/pasta you'd have to visit their main branch in Kota Kemuning.
The range of pastries available. Choices are pretty limited but it would suffice to curb one's hunger/cravings :) Didn't try em out because we just had lunch before hopping over this place.
The French Window allows sufficient sunlight to enter, creating a cosy ambiance
Like its facade, the interior of Brew & Bread was stylist, chic & charming. Love their interior which incorporated classic wood furniture with sleek black walls & counters. For some reasons, they used steel pipes as a "filler" for their table. As an anti-theft measurement, perhaps?
Our coffee!
Hazelnut Latte RM11
The Hazelnut Latte was too sweet for my liking.
Cappuccino RM9

Brew & Bread Coffee Bar
One City (C-GF-02), USJ 25,
Subang Jaya, Selangor.

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