Sunday, 27 April 2014

Blacklist Cafe, SS2

 Ever heard of the famous "black house" in KL? Yep, the famous VCR renowned for their coffee, cakes & "black house" concept. I wanted to visit that place for a very loooong time but to no avail, as it is located quite far away from my place and parking there is a nuisance.

And now, SS2 , which is so much nearer from my place (& suffer from parking woes as well but meh at least it is still drivable :P) has it's own "blackhouse" cafe, that is Blacklist Cafe & Restaurant.
Opened early this month, Blacklist Cafe & Restaurant is a two-storey corner lot house that has been painted black (duh!) & converted into a cafe. The black facade of Blacklist cafe makes the place prominent when driving past the busy street of SS2. El Frerco dining is available too at the spacious compound of Blacklist Cafe.

As Guan Ren & I were walking towards Blacklist Cafe, I felt uneasy and tell Guan Ren that we should just head on to another cafe as Blacklist Cafe seems really...posh. The second floor has a huge, see-through French Window which gave us a vague view of how it looks like inside, which, really seems...posh. We just had dinner and we wanted to sit down at a nice & cosy cafe with a cuppa.

Guan Ren gave me a dismayed look and dragged me towards Blacklist Cafe anyways.
We pushed the heavy glass door and we were greeted by a friendly bunch. I let out a sigh of relief, as this place seems more cafe-ish than I thought. The setting inside Blacklist Cafe was irresistably cosy! Black and white walls with posters laid on it, giving the place a retro feel. We settled down at a nice & comfy sofa chair as the friendly waiter handed us the menu.

 The choices of F&B at Blacklist seems vast! From the typical western delight, to breakfast food & a range of desserts and drinks! The waffles section captivated our attention! But unfortunately, the waffles were not available that night as there was some function going on the second floor (which explains the posh-ness!) and they were understaff that night. Acceptable, as it was Easter and Blacklist Cafe is really new. The waiter was really apologetic and he recommended us some desserts but we decided to settle for our usual coffee.
 Cafe Latte RM10 & Cafe Mocha RM11
Verdict: :)
Would really love to return to check out their food menu! Right now they're still really new so things might be a little flaky, and I don't think they have a FB page yet (correct me if I'm wrong).

Blacklisit Cafe
1, Jalan SS2/66,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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