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The Brew Culture, Plaza Damas 3

Hi all sorry for the long hiatus! I am finally done with my trials *cues celebratory music!* I have a few cafes/restaurants in my draft that I am so eager to post out but let's take one cafe at a time, shall we? :)

My monthsary coincidentally falls on one of the weekend of our trials. Feeling all stressed out, I dragged Guan Ren out for a mini-celebration x study date at this quaint little cafe..
The Brew Culture Cafe, Plaza Damas 3

Ahh yes, it's been a while since I visited Hartamas area, ever since Valentines I think. Hartamas is my favourite cafe hunting spot but it's quite a distant away from the place I stay so I rarely drop by that place. So I figure we should go exploring around that area last week!
It's a little hard to locate the entrance of Brew Culture. You can The Brew Culture's sign clearly if you're inside Hartamas Shopping Centre. Cross the bridge over to Plaza Damas and that'll be the confusing part. Guan Ren and I walked rounds and rounds and we finally found the stairway up to the Brew Culure phew! 

Direction: Take the bridge from Hartamas Shopping Centre to Plaza Damas. Turn left as soon as you reach the end on the bridge and walk straight till you find this stairway with cute murals on it :) 
Push open the glass door that is decorated with cute stickers...
Leads you to a cosy & quaint cafe, decorated with cutesy & retro furnitures! 
It was evident that The Brew Culture stresses on the 3Rs. Just take a look around, and you'll see many recycled knick-knacks being put into good use.
Milk boxes being recycled & transformed into a DIY Lamp! Hand painted with the cutest drawings ever! 
Colourful children chair, that reminds me of my kindergarten days...
Toilet Sign! 
It was love at first sight. Everything about this cafe just made my heart melt- from the DIY mismatched furnitures, cute stickers, lighting, friendly staffs...EVERYTHING :D
There's even a handmade painting of coffees composition for those who are interested :D
And all sort of milk, or COW JUICE , how they call it in the Brew Culture.
The Brew Culture is a self service cafe so one is required to order at the counter :)
The food menu. I always have that perception that Hartamas is another high end area serving over-priced food but The Brew Culture proved me wrong! A Ham & Cheese Croissant only cost RM9.90 here!
The drinks & dessert menu. With coffee stain dripped over the paper (on purpose) that was mounted on a wooden board.
Favoured Latte - Irish Cream (non-alcoholic) RM12
Guan Ren's order. The latte was smooth and aromatic. This drink tasted unique because of the non-alcoholic Irish Cream added into it. My first time trying a non-alcoholic Irish Cream Latte & I am definitely loving it!
Mocha RM12
My standard drink whenever exams are around the corner. The mocha had a sweetness that was just right. Love the balance between the rich chocolate-y taste & the coffee. Cocoa powder was used instead on chocolate syrup I think.
Complementary drinking water- even the bottle is so irresistible- with a cute little ribbon on its neck

After we ordered the food, I went to the counter and told the boss to write "Happy Monthsary" on Guan Ren's food. And this was served to us :")
Tuna & Cheese Croissant RM9.90
Ham & Cheese Croissant RM9.90
So thoughtful of them :") They even made a heart out of cheese! Hehe surprise success! (For the very first time LOL!)  Yeah, The Brew Culture serve your croissant with handwritten mayo words on it!

Taste wise? IT WAS AWESOME! The bread was toasted till perfection, along with the creamy egg and savoury tuna filling, the combination couldn't get any better. And yes, it only cost us RM9.90! The croissant was worth every cent we paid :) Portion wise was just nice to cure our hunger pangs too!
Couldn't help but to take a photo with the cute mural behind us
And the elephant! 

So did you have your coffee? :)
Looking forward to return to this cosy place! The Brew Culture is the perfect spot for one to sit back & relax, or read a book, or hang out with friends, while sipping a nice cuppa or savour some delightful croissant.

The Brew Culture
B-01-06 Plaza Damas 3,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Business hours:
Mon - Thu: 09:00 - 19:00
Sat - Sun: 09:00 - 19:00

Contact Number: 03-2857 0181
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