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Tai Lei Loi Kei大利來記豬扒包, Taipan USJ


Last weeekend, I received an invitation from Nomsterad  for a Foodie Hangout session at Tai Lei Loi Kei, Taipan USJ! Some of you might remember that I wrote a review for this same branch last year, or else you can read about it HERE. I haven't had TLLK's Pork Chop Bun in months so I was quite hyped out for this food tasting session, as I heard that TLLK has added many new items on their menu! 

Tai Lei Loi Kei hailed all the way from Macau. The first TLLK branch in Malaysia opened its door to the public somewhere around June last year. Fast forward to present, TLLk has now expanded with more than 17 outlets in Malaysia!
The branch I went was in Taipan USJ, same row as Subway & Lorong Seratus Tahun. The prominent , vibrant red signboard of TLLK, easily captures one's attention. 
TLLK adapts the Fast-Food Restaurant concept, where patrons are required to make their orders & payment at the counter. Your order number will be displayed on the digital board when your food is ready to be collected!
The menu.
Macau Coffee RM4.50
The Coffee served at TLLK consist of a mixture of Vietnamese & Local Coffee, which gives the coffee a strong & aromatic body. However, I find the coffee tad too sweet for my liking. One could request for the less sugar option while making their order though. 

Signature Pork Chop Bun RM12.90
I have mentioned this in my previous blogpost but I have to say it again. I have tried the original Pork Chop Bun when I travelled to Macau in 2012 and I am pleased to say that the one's served in TLLK Malaysia tasted EXACTLY THE SAME as the one in Macau! The baguette was toasted and buttered on one side, giving it a crispy exterior which was accompanied with the aromatic taste of butter. The pork chop was marinated using TLLK's special machine which was imported from Macau, hence explains the flavourful-ness & wholesomeness of the tender & succulent pork chop! 
Polo Pork Chop Bun RM12.90
The Polo bun has a fluffier texture than the signature pork chop bun, which is definitely a crowd pleaser. The sweet taste of the polo bun gives the dish a sweet & savoury taste. I'd prefer the signature bun over the polo bun as I am not really a fan of polo bun. 

Polo Pork Chop Bun + Cheese RM2 + Egg RM1.50 + Ham RM1.80 + Luncheon Meat RM1.80

Signature Pork Chop Bun + Cheese RM2 + Egg RM1.50 + Ham RM1.80 + Luncheon Meat RM1.80
The bread and meat used was the same as the signature one, but the addition of the cheese, egg, ham & luncheon meat definitely gave this sandwich an additional "kick" & "punch"! The creamy egg & cheese, alongside with the savoury ham & luncheon meat adds textures and flavours to the sandwich, giving each bite a satisfactory feeling, tempting me to reach out for one bite after another.
 Macau Curry Fish Ball RM5.90
The fish ball was delightfully bouncy! The fish ball was also really tasty on its own I don't mind eating it without the curry sauce!

The curry sauce- with generous chunks of meat inside.
The curry sauce complements the bouncy fish balls perfectly. However, most of us felt that the curry was way too "powder-ful". We could taste traces of curry powder in the curry sauce
Macau Chicken Wings RM9.90
The chicken wings were really well marinated- the skin has a slight crisp texture, yet the meat remained tender and succulent. A perfect side dish for sharing.
Pork Chop Soup Noodle RM12.90
Egg noodles served in a clear anchovies soup broth with a side of pork chop.
The noodles were really springy and "Q"! We were told that the noodles were made out of duck eggs to give the noodles the extra springy texture. Each bite was truly a delight!
The pork chop served alongside with the noodles was the same as the one in the pork chop bun- so tender, flavourful and juicy! 
Fish Ball Soup Noodle RM8.50 + Ham RM1.80
Egg noodles served in anchovies soup broth, topped with Macau Fish Balls.
The noodle has the same springy texture like the noodle above and the broth used was the same too, which was delightfully flavourful.
Fish Ball Curry Noodle RM 9.50
Egg noodles served with curry broth, topped with fish balls and tau foo pok
I was pleasantly taken aback by the curry noodle served! The broth was full of "kick"! We even requested for an additional bowl of curry soup because it was that good! If you are a fan of Nyonya Laksa, this bowl of noodles is definitely for you! The 

Pork Chop Bouncing Noodle RM12.90 Add Egg +RM1.50 Add Luncheon Meat +RM1.80 Add Ham +RM1.80
As the name implied, the noodle was really bouncy!
We were told that the noodles used for the dry noodle were slightly different from the ones served
Each strand of noodle was perfectly coated with lard oil which gives the noodle and extra "punch". Paired up with the creamy fried egg, and savoury luncheon meat & ham, which had a slightly charred side to give in an extra crisp, this dish couldn't be more complete.
Supreme Pork Chop Rice RM12.90
Pork Chop served with Rice drizzled with lard oil.
What could go wrong with lard oil drizzled on rice?
Supreme Chicken Chop Rice RM12.90
The chicken chop was really good! Crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside! I was skeptical about the chicken chop at first as I thought that pork chop were TLLK's only specialties and I was wrong! The chicken chop was really well marinated, each bite was bursting with flavours that left me craving for more.
Sawdust Cake (Original) RM5.50
A dessert that must not be missed out when visiting TLLK! The layers of cream was really smooth & delightful to the taste buds! I felt like as if I was eating cheesecake but a better version of it, with the presence of sawdust (cookie crumbs) 
 Sawdust Cake (Chocolate) RM5.50
 The chocolate flavoured sawdust dessert has a softer texture than the original one. It tasted more like chocolate mousse as it has a really smooth and soft texture.

Tai Lei Loi Kei (大利來記豬扒包)
4A, Jalan USJ 10/1J,
Taipan Business Centre,
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor

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